Lizard - Spider-Man (12 pics + 1 video)

This Mwanza Agama (Agama mwanzae) - Flathead lizard reptile lives in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Coloring reptile skins have exactly the same as the hero of the movie Spider-Man. Fans delighted tape buying zverushku.

Mwanza Agama lizard or Spiderman quite small lizards. The adult reaches a length of 25-35 cm.

However, the length is not glorified it. It's all about color. Head and shoulders agama, tend to have a bright red or bright purple, and everything else - dark blue. Hence its similarity to the human spider. And while this color are only representatives of the male species. Women's half of a far more modest painted in dull tones.

It is worth noting that a lizard can change color. If very scare her, even the most brilliant male becomes dull brownish color. And I want to say that the color change and depending on the mood of the animal. But despite the fact that the Mwanza Agama - lizard skin, it can not be reset, but the tail of fear throws.

This Flathead lizard found in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

These lizards like a good warm air. At high temperatures, they crawl out of crevices and bask in the sun. They are very fond of different elevations, due to its ability to climb almost vertical rock without much effort.

They eat a variety of insects Mwanza: locusts, grasshoppers, earthworms.

Flathead Mwanza often creeps out of crevices at high temperature and bright sunshine to bask in the hot rocks. These pictures were taken by Roy Deynesomvo lover of nature while on holiday in Kenya.

Interestingly, the Agama get along very well as pets and are almost tame and very obedient. But for this it is necessary to maintain a constant comfortable temperature for the lizard and a special balanced diet. The most favorite delicacy Mwanza - grasshoppers, crickets and earthworms

Adult Agama Mwanza grows up to 30 centimeters in length. While Spider-Lizard and is not able to deftly throw the web, it can climb vertical surfaces better than his fellow superhero. But it has other tricks that are beyond the power of spider man - it can change color. If male scare, he can become an instant dark brown, the colors may vary depending on the mood of the lizard



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