Lizard - Spider-Man (12 pics + 1 video)

This Mwanza Agama (Agama mwanzae) - Flathead lizard reptile lives in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Coloring reptile skins have exactly the same as the hero of the movie Spider-Man. Fans delighted tape buying zverushku.

Mwanza Agama lizard or Spiderman quite small lizards. The adult reaches a length of 25-35 cm.

However, the length is not glorified it. It's all about color. Head and shoulders agama, tend to have a bright red or bright purple, and everything else - dark blue. Hence its similarity to the human spider. And while this color are only representatives of the male species. Women's half of a far more modest painted in dull tones.

It is worth noting that a lizard can change color. If very scare her, even the most brilliant male becomes dull brownish color. And I want to say that the color change and depending on the mood of the animal. But despite the fact that the Mwanza Agama - lizard skin, it can not be reset, but the tail of fear throws.

This Flathead lizard found in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.


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