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Why we love movies about superheroes? - Lots of action, colorful special effects and beautiful actors. In these tapes do not look for the deeper meaning: Evil will always be defeated and good will triumph. It is not surprising that these paintings make people walk together to the cinema, taking popcorn and cola.
Last week, King rolled steel Hugh Jackman and his new "superhero" movie "The Wolverine". Action adventure easily surpassed its competitors gathered for the premiere weekend of about $ 55 million. And that amount - not a record for a movie of this genre, remember the most cash.

The trilogy "The Dark Knight» (2005-2012)
1. $ 374,218,673
2. $ 1,004,558,444
3. $ 1,084,439,099

Christopher Nolan - the director of the cult trilogy of Batman, has proved that it is not necessary to mention in the title of the film hero's name to be remembered by the audience. But the picture is definitely memorable, received high praise from critics wonder and fans of the original comic, nomination for "Oscar" awards themselves.
The story about a superhero-bat came to the best dramatic, spectacular and stylish, but so that the second and third part of the franchise firmly entrenched in the ranking of the best films of all time.

"Spider-Man" (2002 - 2007) and "Amazing Spider-Man" (2012)
1. $ 821,708,551
2. $ 783,766,341
3. $ 890,871,626
- $ 752,215,857

The first part of the story of Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) has collected in world hire more than 800 million dollars made from Toby Maguaera star of world scale. "The greater the force, the greater the responsibility," - believe the main character, but this does not take into account the producers of the project, chasing higher returns. And if the sequel turned out to be surprisingly decent plot the final picture was frankly weak.
Franchise restarted just a couple of years, gaining a new cast. Spiderman was not only a new suit and a girl, but also a new face: Andrew Garfield looks great on the screen in red and blue colors, only here on botany, whom Parker was in the comics, not too similar.
Updated Spiderman "has swept the world" slightly less successful than the first part of a trilogy with Maguerom but successful enough to merit continued: in 2014 and 2016, we again see Garfield, who is desperately fighting against evil and weaves a web of.

Man of Steel (2013)
$ 640,807,505

Adaptation of the legendary comic book about people from the planet Krypton - troublesome, because the fans are perfectly familiar with the original story and idea and repeatedly seen the film adaptation in films and serials.
The new Clark Kent was still handsome, well-built and pure soul. In "Man of Steel", played by Henry Cavill, and most of the audience not familiar with his face. Well, no one is getting younger, and the golden galaxy of Hollywood actors needs to be a worthy replacement, and Cavill his first significant role coped remarkably.
It is worth noting that one of the producers of the tape became the same Nolan, which explains the "non-verbal" title of the painting. A sequel will see in 2015.

Iron Man (2008-2013)
1. $ 581,691,828
2. $ 622,057,085
3. $ 1,211,958,766

Tony Stark, unlike all known characters, it is not hiding behind the alter-ego. Arrogant, selfish, though charismatic character played by Downey Jr., has to itself with its first appearance on the screen.
Events made three feature films of Tony Stark not only the Hero, Defender of the world, but also the man who for the finale of the trilogy still understands what he needs to be happy.

The Avengers (2012)
$ 1,512,157,910

One and a half billion dollars - a record for a movie about superheroes and the third result in the world at the moment ("The Avengers" inferior championship only "Avatar" and "Titanic" James Cameron).
What this showed creators 2 hours of screen time? - All. Favorite Tony Stark, who dilutes the dramatic situation inappropriate jokes, Hulk, trying to temper their diabolical inside, Captain America ... Well, where do without a couple of Nordic gods: the familiar brothers Thor and Loki just arrive in time for "holiday". Add to this Johansson in latex suit and Robin from "How I Met Your Mother" - and the superhero movie is ready.
More characters, more drive, bigger steps: the viewer can not be bored, but enough impressions to the exit continuation of "The Avengers" in 2015!


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