On the role of life

Have you ever been in a situation where, instead of the name and surname of the actor you say, "Well, this brunette / blonde / fat / high, who's in a movie was playing?" And the other person to respond nodded understandingly? With me it has happened quite often and I think I am no exception. And it's not that bad, you know the names of the actors, but some of them are so often present themselves to us in the same role, that almost merge with it. Here are some examples.

With its way, of course, the main characters are associated exciting fighters who got hit with the public success, get a sequel. And then another one. Changing producers, writers, directors, but the main character remains unchanged!

Such a fate befell Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky in the film in 1976. The film has grown into a franchise that consists of 6 films, the latest of which was published in 2006. It turns out, Rocky Stallone was as much as 30 years, as it became known on July 25, he will once again be named in the film "Creed", the protagonist of which is not he and his grandson main rival Apollo Creed (yes, everything changes)

No less famous and Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator because of his character. The first part of the film came out back in 1984, then Arnie played in the second (1991) and third (2003) parts. In 2009 he came out of the 4, but there has been used a 3D model of an actor. Schwarzenegger himself at this time has become Governor of California. And it is true, has not stuck to the governor to act in films! And age and the shape of his are not the same ...

Some of the coolest guys who got used to your way, can be attributed to "Die Hard" Bruce Willis. His hero kills the bad guys since 1988, and the action of the last film to date (the fifth in a row) takes place in Moscow.

Of course, talking about the brave heroes of fighters, can not forget about Vin Diesel (This, incidentally, is a pseudonym), who raced in the Fast and the Furious for as much as 7 films! And it seems that he does not mind being in this way for so long, otherwise how can we explain that he was the producer of several films of the franchise?

With big and strong guys, we understood. But they - not the only hostages of the image. Another way to remain permanently in the same role - a long time to play in the popular series.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the majority of the audience immediately associated with the New York journalist Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series "Sex and the City" - one of the most popular characters of the series, which has become a style icon because of her love for shoes. In the series 6 seasons, and he went, respectively, for 6 years. After a couple of years after the closing of the series, Parker and her colleagues on the shop floor, and starred in two feature films that were a continuation of the series.

However, in order to "get stuck" in the role, not necessarily be the most popular actress of the series. Lisa Kudrow 10 years played outrageous Phoebe in the series "Friends." Her storyline was less pronounced than the other, but the role of Phoebe entrenched behind it all!

And finally, the third way to a lifelong role in the eyes of the audience - to play in the film adaptation of the cult book! Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter from childhood to adulthood it is, will always be the boy wizard with round glasses.

The same fate befell his friend and colleague, Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley red. Besides Harry Potter, Rupert played in several films, but with little success they had. It is noteworthy that their co-star Emma Watson has avoided this fate. Maybe, for this purpose, she changed her image with curls Hermione Granger in the short cut under the boy?

Another book, which brought to mind the millions of people it is the saga "Twilight". No wonder that Robert Pattinson, who played the male lead in the five films will long remain in the memory and hearts of the girls beautiful vampire Edward Cullen. Robert, too, with the actors poterriany, playing Serdrika Diggory in one of the parts. But his role was brief, and without the aid of Wikipedia, few people knew that the boy romantic vampire.

Nearing the film adaptation of the book "50 shades of gray," which caused a great resonance in society, dividing it to the fans and opponents. And we can assume that the protagonist will join the ranks of actors, too, remembered for one role!


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