Humane armed conflict

This military conflict occurred between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly 1651 to 1986-th year. He has earned the title of the most humane in the history of Europe due to the fact that none of the parties to the conflict has not made a single shot. Isles of Scilly

Many historians believe that this is a long and tense standoff was prolonged continuation of one of the battles of the Civil War in England (also known as the English Revolution). While the country apart torn by a struggle between royalists and parliamentarians, while on the side of the adherents of the parliamentary monarchy in the conflict participated fleet of the United Provinces of the Netherlands.

When parliamentarian Oliver Cromwell managed to take control over most of mainland Britain, ships royalists were forced to retreat to the archipelago of Scilly off the southwest coast of Cornwall, which is still held sway supporters of absolute monarchy, and the islands are owned by influential royalist John Grenville.

One day during the war ships of the Dutch fleet suffered from significant losses royalists, then March 30, 1651-year Admiral Maarten Tromp arrived on the island to seek compensation for destroyed property and the court, but the Cavaliers refused - the result of failed negotiations was a declaration of war. Most of England at that time was in the hands of parliament, so the Netherlands decided to "quarrel" with only an archipelago of Scilly.

In June of the same year court battle parliamentarians under Admiral Robert Blake forced the enemy fleet to surrender, but a peace treaty with the islands of the Dutch government has not signed because of the uncertainty of the legal status of fact a declaration of war. So formally Holland and Archipelago "fought" until April 17, 1986, when the initiative Roy Duncan, historian and Chairman of the Board of Scilly, was officially signed a peace treaty.



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