Universal kotoprovod

All we know about addiction and clawed woolly pets to travel on top. (Who knew - note). They love to climb on the cabinets, refrigerators and other hill and watch means there is going apartment life. Instinct. What can you do.
And it turns out, it is even possible to do and to give pets a lot of fun. Only anything - to move a couple of convolutions - and - "Eureka" - a solution is found. Not so that it is quite simple, but the beauty of some kind! Cat-transit. Did so. Kat. The most that neither is a transit. This, of course, is not the house of pitches at home and can not overpower, but impressive mustache and a lot of joy and good. Again, there is no need to climb the drapes and other improvised (or podlapnym) means. And sit in wait and watch the little people through the viewing window provided - even pleasure to.
This idea was born in the architectural firm with a very telling name Because We Can. Really can not argue. And even support. They are engaged in, as you might guess, interior design. Creatively so doing, I must say.
It would be interesting to see their development for other - traditional and not so animals. Well, just for comparison.


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