20 words that few people know

How often we are faced with the fact that we want to convey to the other person some thought , but it is not the right word! But it is the word that may have, however, knows about it, not every.

1. Jamais vu - the opposite of deja vu suddenly start to feel that familiar place or person seem completely unknown

2. L «Esprit d» Escalier. Successful replica or convincing argument come to mind too late, when a dispute has already been completed.

3. Vagitus. Cry of a newborn baby

4. Zarf. Wrapper (scarf) on the outer side of plastic coffee cups. Created in order to avoid burns

5. Kollivubl. Rumbling in the stomach from hunger

6. Columella. The space between the nostrils.

7. Misophonia. Uncontrolled rage against the man who loudly eating or even breathing during a meal with you

8. Narcolepsy. Condition where a person falls asleep immediately, as soon as the transport is in motion

9. Natiforma. Natural formations, usually trees, rocks, stones that resemble the female form

10. Nёrdl. The recommended amount of toothpaste for one cleaning

11. Punt. The bottom part of the bottle of wine

12. PACKET. Band (fold) on the inner side of the wrist

13. Rhinorrhea. Lingering runny

14. Snolligoster. A Man's Guide personal gain rather than job duties and universal principles

15. Tekstrovert. Whoever in the SMS-kah bolder than in private conversation.

16. Trenchik. Leather loop on the strap that holds the free tip buttoned belt

17. Baader Meinhof Phenomenon. When you see something for the first time, and then start to notice it everywhere

18. Frisson. Chills while listening to music that you like

19. Chunking. Consciously or unconsciously, spitting food

20. Glabella - a designation section on the human face, which is located between the eyebrows


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