Especially in winter. For those who are not in the tank

Like and do not want to buhtet kmmunalnikov. It seems that something is being done. Snow shovel, not only in the direction of the sidewalk, and even take out. Saw myself, I swear. But, nevertheless, the second week of the city stands. It should be in the morning, starting around 8:00, taking a small pause somewhere from 11 to 13, and then incrementally until the evening on a scale Yandex. Until the funniest ten points when "better to go on the subway." Of course, contributed to the situation have made and continue to make a left, despite anything to the prevention, cars on the road. And where are they now? Of course, not the highway Kyiv-Chop, but also poured. Last week saw the picture as two virgins engaged in occupational therapy with a shovel at the corner of Gorky and Tolstoy. Pulled up, offered to help. Thanked but refused - have already completed the session. It turns out that morning, having arrived for work, have left their «Suzuki», and in the evening - fig. Do not leave. Came home in a taxi for a shovel to throw. Here's a fact of life. Why am I - the people, well, let's at least do not complicate your life, huh? After all, the machine is not very comfortable to stand under snowdrifts, and cleaned well, quite impossible - tow at all will not save enough, and then you go around somehow not on Feng Shui work. Let us respect other road users, in fact nice, Elah, burns, when the same was hot all around, almost all the same and are ready to assist and help out - he got on both sides. And pushes and pushed me. So let and this will be the people - do not leave their vehicles on the roads even in the snow, huh? Ride the already difficult.
Photos, as always - Roman Nikonets


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