T-34 tank: we experienced a military legend -Photo, video

The roar of the 500-strong diesel V12, the clang of the tracks, clouds of dust - in the form of rushing speed tridtsatitonnoy colossus makes tremble ...
Today, on Victory Day, the outstanding tank of World War II and tells Yuri tankmen Gladchuk.
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 - So why he is considered the best? T-34 tanks made a lot, that's the number of the enemy and crushed, so he's the best ... - it reflects on the way to the KIC "Stalin Line" our photojournalist.

No, Pasha, not in this case. His best recognized for the balance of the three most important characteristics of the tank: agility, protection and firepower. Do not forget about the simplicity and maintainability of the T-34: organize the production could be on any machine-building plant, to repair in the field - on forces even 18-year-old boy. At the initial stage of the war there were questions on the reliability of the transmission and the radio, but from year to year was work on the bugs - the T-34 modernized throughout the war

On KIC "Stalin Line" we have come to test the famous T-34. And also try to vzhivshis age understand what it was like to be a Soviet tanker of the Great Patriotic War? But for a little ride on the legendary tank, it is necessary to start to start. Do you think it's that simple? However, it is better to see our video clip.

The night before the "test drive" I could not sleep, reading memories tankers and manual T-34. After all, the tanks, as well as cars, fond of since childhood. The possibility of familiarity with the legendary technique inspired, besides the original plan T-34 we were fully tested. But when it was my turn to sit at the controls, in a tank that is broken, and it was clear: childhood dream come true only half

But in any case impressions last long. T-34 - it's incredible power! When he passes by, the earth is shaking under my feet, the track and the engine together emit terribly loud roar. And what if you on the field, rushing whole company such gizmos, and even to shoot? Fearfully.

How do they manage? With just one hand - the controls are almost the same as in the car, but instead of steering levers here. On the other - the control force rather big, our mechanic-driver did not immediately able to engage first gear. And this is the "late" five-speed! In the former, a four, the transfer switch with a wooden hammer. In the thick of the battle to lead the T-34 was daunting.

The crew battle

But the main weapon of the victory is not technology, but the people who run it. Life crew depended on the skill of its four members: commander (and also the gunner), loader, driver and mechanics of the arrow-radio operator. The modernized T-34-85 came the fifth member of the team - the gunner.

Fans of the online game World of Tank is not sniloc. For many tank battle ends in death or injury. Tank - a welcome target for infantry, artillery and aircraft. The way he closed the mines and obstacles. From the unexpected projectile shot from a mine or faustpatrona were not insured the best and luckiest tank aces.

"Ghibli tankers scary. If the tank incited and incited them often, it was a notorious death: one or two, and can be managed to escape, "Nikolai Peshkov

Coming out of the battle, the crew had to primarily serve machine: fill it with fuel and ammunition, check mechanisms, clean, and, if necessary, to dig for it caponier and mask. The work is open to all members of the crew.

Can you imagine? After battle! At night! No power! Refuel and maintain a tank! Dig a trench or caponier! It is very difficult, dangerous and exhausting work.

"In the suburbs of Kamenetz-Podolsk was anti-aircraft battery. She burned our two tank crews completely burned. About one tank were four burnt corpse. From an adult man is about the size of the child. The head is small and the face of the red-blue-brown. " N.YA Zheleznov.

The hardest thing was winter: T-34 tank on memoirs, became a real freezer. Fighters had to wear a lot of clothes to somehow keep warm. And under his clothes companions of all hostilities and disasters - lice. There are no elements of comfort in the Soviet tank was not: only the bare, cold metal. It is difficult to had driver, who received breast-chilling air - often had to open the hatch on the palm for better viewing. How to spend the night? In winter, usually dug a trench and drove her tank. Top Stela tarpaulin edge is nailed. Under the tank hung stove and sank. Many tankers note that during the war never once slept in a normal room.

Questions techniques

Confidence in people inspired design features dramatically stand out T-34 from other combat vehicles of the time. If the world today is considered revolutionary electric Tesla, then, in the early 40's, the world revolution was the tanks T-34!

Serial production of new tracked vehicles began in July 1940 and the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the industry has put the army in 1225 these tanks. T-34 in combat and maneuverability superior to all foreign medium and even heavy tanks of the time. High power diesel engine B-2 (up to 500 hp at 1800 rev / min), rational angles armor strong, serious at the time armed, squat silhouette (thanks to the chassis Christie), a large power reserve, low ground pressure - are the main advantages of the machine. Add to this the simple design facilitates the mass production of the T-34, their maintenance and repair in the field.

"The tank has a saying:" Armor - garbage, but our tanks are fast. " At the rate we had an advantage. The Germans had tanks of gasoline, but the speed they were not very big. " AK Rodkin

Reliability problems were initially. They conclude in unreliable and difficult to manage four-speed transmission. There were questions and inefficient air filter becomes clogged engine. All this made the 500-kilometer march to fatal motor and transmission. But then these problems have been eliminated.

In 1943, armed with the German army tanks appeared "Tiger" and "Panther" with heavy armor. Therefore, there was a question of strengthening arms T-34. In a short time the designers have created a machine to a new tower with an increased thickness of armor specifically for 85-mm cannon. Its armor-piercing shell from distances of 500 and 1,000 meters respectively punched 111-mm and 102-mm armor. Piercing - from a distance of half a kilometer hit the 138-mm armor. This advanced machine under the designation T-34 -85 was adopted by 23 January 1944. And just the same winter she began to enter the acting part. The mobility of the new tank, despite a slight increase in weight, has not declined.

Tank, created in the design office Mikhail Koshkin was the most versatile, participated in all the tank battles of World War II, showing their great quality. He took part in the hostilities, he and the postwar period. T-34 - the most massive medium tank of World War II.

The main problem of communication T-34 tanks in the initial period of the war was a small number of them (not all tanks are equipped with a walkie-talkie), and the mediocre quality of the radio stations 71-TK-3. Intercom was, but, according to the tank, worked badly. Communication is carried out feet and hands: for example, on the shoulders of the driver were the boots of the tank commander - he pressed on the left or on the right shoulder, thus indicating the direction of movement of the driver. Gradually means internal and external communication modernized, problems were solved.


Exchange machine gun used infrequently, mainly in the melee. His sight was difficult to use when the tank is in motion. With the advent of the enemy role faustpatrona arrow course gunner has increased dramatically. By the way, the quality of optical equipment of Soviet tanks inferior quality equipment of German armored vehicles.

Ballistic performance 76 mm cannon F-34 to the end of 1942 to successfully deal with the German armor. However, the appearance in 1943 of tanks "Tiger" and "Panther", as well as a significant increase in frontal booking tanks Pz.III, Pz.IV and assault guns StuG III greatly reduced the effectiveness of the gun. This led to the appearance of the T-34 a more powerful 85 mm gun.

Emergency exit hatch (landing hatch) allows the crew to leave the tank hidden from the enemy.

Changing the velocity four-speed transmission required great physical strength, reliability, too, had questions. It got to the point that drivers are switching to use a wooden mallet or using the arrow-radio operator. After the appearance of the five-speed box (as in this instance the T-34), the problem disappeared.

In addition to conventional electric starter in T-34 has two 10-liter bottle with compressed air. Air start system allows the plant to the engine in case of failure of the electric starter or battery discharge.

The main advantage of the commander's cupola - an opportunity to review the circular. But she appeared only in 1943.

Drivers in the fight went to the half-open hatches on the palm - use inspection device was uncomfortable because of the poor quality of laminated plexiglass.

Electrical equipment was performed on a single circuit. Voltage of 24 and 12 V. Power: 1 kW power generator, four batteries of 128 Ah each. Consumers: electric, electric rotary mechanism for the tower fan motor, control instruments, apparatus internal and external lighting, Electrosignal, imformer radios and lamps TPU.

Swivel mechanism of the tower had a manual and electric drives, hoist the cannon - sector type with manual transmission. But the power used infrequently: in the heat of battle forgotten about it, besides the risk was "twist" the tower, which further require manual adjustment.

Experienced tankers in combat rarely used mechanism clicks into place hatches, preferring to fix them in the closed position ... the usual trouser belt. After charred hands latch otodvinesh - "closing" strap allows you to open the hatch in case of an emergency head. We went with open hatches. Most often dying gunner-radio operator - a separate release they did not have.


Below ventilation opening with an electric exhaust fan, designed to remove the powder gases from the crew compartment. But during the intense battle, he helped slightly. Sometimes, when charging, eel, she fainted. The problem was solved only after the war, when the design of guns was introduced device is pumped gases from the gun barrel after firing, before the opening of the gate automation.

that's all, thank you for your attention, add your photos and facts about the T-34

Victory Day !!!


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