Rare breeds of cats (17 photos)

Cats are nothing new, they are such a variety, almost every house has this animal.
But here there are no exotic cats each.
Firstly: they are expensive, and secondly not very nice look.
Look, what are the cats.

10. Sphinx.
Sphinx is probably the most famous fancy breed of cat. Depending on preference, someone admires this breed and dreaming about this lovely kitten, and someone being totally contrary to this. However, the uniqueness of this breed is impressive.

9. Ukrainian Levkoy.
Ukrainian Levkoy very similar to the Sphinx, but a significant and visible difference is determined by the folded ears and large, but narrow eyes. Levkoy may be hairless, and may have little hair.

8. Cornish Rex.
The peculiarity of this cat is a non-standard hairline wavy shape. Unlike other cats, Cornish Rex has the disadvantage of the two outer layers of the hair, known as axial hair.

7. Scottish Fold.
This cat can not boast of our big ears. Sometimes it seems there are no ears at all. In fact, the situation is as follows: the cartilage in the ears of cats of this breed is deformed so that the ear is bent and seems incredibly tiny.

6. Exotic Shorthair.
In many ways, this kitten named Fig Newton, resembles the Persian breed, but the difference is short, dense fur. At Exotic Shorthair round head with smooth faces and small ears. As their heads, their bodies also rounded, making them look like teddy bears.

5. Munchkin.
This is a very sensational rock. Many cat agencies still refuse to register the breed of cats. Cat with little feet, resembling a dachshund, not fancy public.

4. Petersburg sphinx.
Petersburg sphinx - not always bald breed. These cats are known for their long, thin bodies, large ears and almond-shaped eyes. In addition, the main feature of this breed are webbed feet.

3. Cat savanna.
With such exotic bands, it seems that this cat belongs to the wild and not to the medium of life. In fact, savannah cat - a hybrid of a domestic cat and the African wild cat, known as the Serval.

2. LaPerm.
Whimsical cat fur that consists of long curls, curls and even straight hair. Many members of this breed are born bald and only with maturation acquire such traits.

1. Elf Cat.
This breed brought Americans: Karen Nelson and Kristen Lidom.

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