Method to start the vehicle in almost any frost 12/13/2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you a way how to start your car in almost any frost after it has staid night. The minimum temperature at which I had tried -37 ° C, auto staid 12 hours, and wound up with a twist. We do not need any auto-warming, startup and oil heaters, super batteries and super candles (not, of course, candles and batteries should be working, but fit the most common).
This method I spied from his nephew-driver, who lives in the village and my "WOW HOW YOU thought of this before?" He said - "So everyone is doing, proven way to his grandfather." It should be added that there, in Derain, in Siberia, there are frosts and stronger than -50 ° C, and it is always on the move. So we will not pull.


The method is very simple, budget and genius, but a little time consuming. The idea is similar to his yurt from the snow, the snow like a thermos flask to save heat. We need a soft but strong fabric 3x3 (if no, you can do without it, but with it better) before you put the car looking for snow, good winter in Siberia with this problem is not present.
Clearing the parking lot with a shovel (about 2x2 size slightly larger than the engine compartment of your car). To drive the car in front of the niche of the snow, so that the engine compartment was closed shut and covered with a cloth woven from the top layer of 10-15 cm of snow. if no tissue is simply the perimeter of cars covered with snow for most of its bottom, and sprinkle the wheels and grille snow, thereby reducing the area through which the a / m loses heat. The slightly cumbersome, I admit, but it is free and works (tested). In principle, brushing a niche near the house once, you can enjoy almost the entire winter.
Now that time has passed and it's time to go (that's why still need a tissue, in addition to not scratch the car snow) just pull for "blanket" and remove the snow from the car.
You can go.
P.S. today broke his record. The car stood 12hours (plant yesterday at 21:00) today at 9:00 am with a twist started up night temperature was -37 ° C.
And a nice bonus - a car during warm to a temperature of 90 ° C and the hot air in the cabin 14 minutes.


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