Kitty - five short stories about psychedelic completely different people: Mikhail Efremov ("Mad Ballerina"), Alexander Strizhenov ("marriage of convenience"), Viktor Sukhorukov ("strange dream"), Svetlana Ivanova ("Chris - Maria De Liviero") and Eugene Stychkin ("Pussycat, or from the Author"). All the stories of characters, almost monologues, connected by a single script. They introduce us into the inner world of the characters stories. In the world of practicality and fantasy, self-irony and sarcasm. But each of the characters express their feelings in different ways. There are no special effects or computer graphics. There is only the actors and their real game, without which still unthinkable our cinema. And the end, as in the theater, with the release of the actors on stage.

Russia, 2009
Director: Gregory of Constantinople
Cast: Mikhail Efremov, Alexander Strizhenov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Eugene Stychkin, Svetlana Ivanova, Gregory of Constantinople and others.
Producers: Gregory of Constantinople, Andrei Novikov
Operator: Levan Kapanadze, Andrei Makarov, Sergey Machilsky
Screenwriter: Gregory of Constantinople
Premiere (RF): December 10, 2009

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