20 solar films for spring evenings

Spring is in full swing, and we can substitute a person under the soft rays of the sun and take a chance to walk without a hat. Still, to this summer heat, or to the long-awaited vacation is still far away. Let us not put off meeting with the sun and the sea - enjoy all this in a movie

Website picked 20 films with the solar atmosphere, which will give cheerfulness and positive

sorry!. for love scusa ma ti chiamo amore

Respectable Alex works as creative director in an advertising agency, and, at first glance, it has a good stable life. But everything changes after meeting with 17-year-old eccentric Nikki. Spanish romance that love for all ages. Talented actors play and the beautiful scenery will like, and those over 30, and those who are not and 20.

The Family The Family

A middle-aged writer for names Blake moved with his family and The Family dog ​​in a quiet French town. And all would be nothing but a quiet life in the town stops. After Mr. Blake - head of the Mafia, and here he is hiding from the Cosa Nostra. Live movie with humor tells of the criminal world, give a good mood for the whole day.

Buckle Allacciate le cinture

The love story of fatal passion on the sunny coast of Italy. Elena - educated girl from a good family, Giorgio - straight hamovaty mechanic. No wonder they say that opposites attract. The sea of ​​love and the ocean of passion in one film! And a stunning soundtrack Pasquale Catalano.

My Attila Marcel Attila Marcel

Fields with childhood brought two aunts-aristocrat who had a dream to make a nephew of virtuoso pianist. He is 30, his life is boring and monotonous: it is aging, and without knowing all its joys. But everything changes when the hero meets with Madame Proust, who knows tea recipe, animating memories.

A non-trivial story, great music and great staging atomosferu create a unique film.

Plastic Plastic

Friends penetrate into one of the world's largest lending institutions, which crank a truly audacious scam. Interesting criminal history of modern Robin Gudah, based on real events.

My big Spanish family La gran familia española

The youngest of five brothers, a large Spanish family decides to marry his pregnant girlfriend. But as fate would have their wedding coincides with the World Cup soccer tournament. This is not just a light comedy with funny jokes and deep story about relationships and family values. You immerse yourself in atomosferu World Cup and will meet with the Spanish family traditions.

Guide Cambio de ruta

The story of the beautiful and fearless girl, no one who is not afraid to conduct tours in the wild jungle. One day the director of the agency it throws your company and leaving with his mistress. Now no one will the new boss. Positive film about good and cheerful girl who is madly in love with his job. The incredible nature of the Mexican film adds beauty.

That Awkward Moment Un moment d'égarement

Two old friends with 18-year-old daughters are sent to rest on the sunny Riviera. And all would do, but suddenly one of the daughters get bored, and she decides to seduce his best friend's father. Is it possible to resist the youth and beauty?

How to make love in English How to Make Love Like an Englishman

Professor, University of Cambridge (Pierce Brosnan) - a big fan of female companionship. Suddenly, one of his passions is pregnant and decides to marry a professor. But even married, he has to be torn between his wife (Jessica Alba) and her sister (Salma Hayek). A touching and funny movie that people are still subject to change.

The Kings of Summer The Kings of Summer

Three teenagers want independence and run away from home in the woods. They build houses there now and start to come off in full. Easy film about youthful maximalism. Wonderful music helps to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the picture.

Other Bovary Gemma Bovery

The modern interpretation of the famous novel by Gustave Flaubert. Young couple by the names Bovary moved into the French hinterland. And in the summer in France, as we know, the air is saturated not only fragrant croissants, but also love.

Very good girls Very Good Girls

Two young women come to New York for the holidays, and suddenly fall in love with both a seller of ice cream. The plot is very simple, but this is its charm: the simple relationship of young people, a simple New York City and a summer

Vacation little Nicolas Les vacances du petit Nicolas


Great family movie! 13-year-old Nicholas is sent to parents on summer vacation to the sea at the hotel "Beautiful Beach." The boy does not waste time in vain, and immediately acquires a new cool friends and encounters the first love that is ready to marry him.

Walk on sunshine Walking on Sunshine

Maddy Raff and decide to get married. The wedding ceremony is in full swing, happy bride, and then suddenly between the bride and groom's sister ignite serious passion. This sunny musical shot on the coast of Italy, filled with love and freshness. After his view is simply impossible not to cheerfulness and optimism!

My Summer of Ping-Pong Ping Pong Summer

13-year-old teenager modest Red Miracle spends every summer with his parents in Ocean City, Maryland. He loves tennis and music. Here he finds a real friend, the first love, the enemy gang and unexpected support in the face of neighbor. Good movie in the spirit of the 80s. Fans of this time will be thrilled with the atmosphere of the picture.

Invincible Les invincibles

Easy French comedy with Gerard Depardieu. Old friends are going to take part in the tournament Petanque and become champions. The film is not rich in competitive emotion: petanque - a quiet game for aristocrats. But it shows that it is impossible to take away a person's desire to become better.

We will not see Paris as their ears We'll Never Have Paris

Young man Quinn Berman experiencing a midlife crisis, can not sort out their relationship. He's going to propose to his girlfriend, and then he confesses his love for his employee. Sweet romantic comedy in which a lot of jokes and love. It is interesting to see to it, as the protagonist is trying to get out of all the troubles of love.

Naked peppers Search Party

Action-comedy in the spirit of the already beloved by all "Bachelor". Two buddies are trying to reconcile the bride and groom, wedding ceremony which was damaged due to the long tongue of the groom one another. Indeed incendiary comedy without compromise. Grabs and jokes, and turmoil, in which heroes of the film. Great cure for boredom and longing!

Summer Night in Barcelona Barcelona, ​​nit d'estiu

Once in Barcelona night sky flashed Comet Rosa, lived in the city all the feelings and emotions. 6 love stories in one film. Beautiful views of Barcelona, ​​attractive actors and love - everything you need for a good film history

! In the preview picture from the movie "Walking on sunshine»: imglobalfilm

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