What to watch: 5 films for homebodies

Don't know what to watch? This week we offer you the choice of two comedies, two dramas and one non-trivial melodrama. Pull out your plaid, lean back, relax and watch a good movie. 1. "She" (Her)
  • Romance, drama, fantasy.
  • United States, 2013.
  • Duration: 126 min.
Fascinating film with hipsterovskie picture about the near future where it is acceptable to have an affair with the operating system. The plot is really unusual, but at the same time simple, and the music creates a mood that doesn't let go long after viewing.

Director spike Jones (Spike Jonze) also wrote the screenplay for the film, which in 2014 received the "Oscar".

  2. "The voice of the moon (La voce della luna)
  • Drama, Comedy.
  • Italy, France, 1990.
  • Duration: 120 min.
Surprisingly easy Federico Fellini's film about a small town where the full moon if all went mad. But the madness of the main character, brilliantly played by Roberto Benigni, is simply adorable.

Even if you don't like the other films of Fellini, this parable you should definitely watch.

Still, I think if it were quiet, if we were all more silent, maybe something would understand. 3. "I'm so excited" (Los amantes pasajeros)
  • Comedy.
  • Spain, 2013.
  • Duration: 90 min.
You will have to overcome the embarrassment and forget about prejudices. The film is grotesque and quite provocative. But to laugh is something.

However, to watch this movie with the kids or with your grandma, perhaps not.

4. "Calvary" (Calvary)
  • Drama.
  • Ireland, UK, 2013.
  • Duration: 102 min.
A film about faith, forgiveness and repentance. Without pathos. Despite the dryness, the story evokes deep emotions and definitely makes you think. And the black humor so subtly inscribed into the religious theme, was approved even Christian jury of the Berlin film festival in 2014.

5. "Saving Grace!" (Saving Grace)
  • Comedy, crime.
  • United Kingdom, 2000.
  • Duration: 93 min.
A film about cute order small English village where all the inhabitants are like one big happy family.

Grace left after the death of her husband with huge debts. Like our grandma, her main hobby is gardening. But it could solve the financial problems. Especially when all the neighbors are happy to help.

The humor in the film is slightly naive, but not mushy.

Brand Blethyn (Brenda Blethyn), who played the main character, was nominated for best actress (musical or Comedy) Golden globe in 2001.

Pleasant to you of viewing! published

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