15 Russian films to be proud of

August 27 in Russia - a professional holiday of filmmakers and film lovers. In honor of this edition of Website , Guided by your wishes and personal preferences, completes the list of the last 17 best Russian films of the XXI century. In this collection you will find more than 15 films made by Russian filmmakers in the past 20 years.

Brother and Brother 2 (1997 and 2000 Aleksei Balabanov)

In the film "Brother", as well as in its sequel, the main character Danila Bagrov trying to establish justice by all means available to him. A stunning soundtrack, unique atmosphere, national recognition - cult drama Alexei Balabanov does not need special introduction.

Burnt by the Sun (1994, Nikita Mikhalkov)

The film received the award "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Film" and the Grand Prix of the 47th Cannes Film Festival. Strong and realistic drama Nikita is considered one of the best films of the 90s.

Live (2011, Vasily Sigarev)

The man knows how to feel, suffer and love. He is able to accept his fate, even when it takes the most valuable - close. It takes with the meaning of life and the desire to live. It takes away with the whole world. But the heroes of the film are not willing to put up with their losses. They throw the fate of a challenge, declare war on it and extend it to the human limit.

Playing the Victim (2006, Kirill Serebrennikov)

Valentin graduate students to earn extra money, the police arranged in the original position - for restoration of the crime he needed to portray the victim. Almost the entire film we see the scene through the eyes of the protagonist. The characters - ordinary people with their problems and disadvantages. Ambiguous film he also terribly sad and terribly funny.

Down House (2001, Roman Kachanov)

The modern interpretation of the novel Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "The Idiot." Grotesque, in the form of comedy shows social relations in Moscow society of the late 1990s - early 2000s. Fans of the absurd and subtle parody must watch.

Last Tale of Rita (2012, Renata Litvinova)

The plot - the understanding of love, the three main characters. The film masterfully discharged tragic story of love and friendship, showing moments of cynical indifference and meanness - three women, three states of the soul, the three eternal themes: love, death and the pursuit of happiness. And the angel of death, followed in another world the souls of those who are able to love. The story unfolds on the verge of reality and Outland under soundtracks wonderful Zemfira.

Cuckoo (2002, Alexander Rogozhkin)

Two soldiers of warring armies sheltered Annie woman who does not speak either in Russian or Finnish. This is a story of interaction of three different people, dissimilar cultures. Despite the circumstances, the main characters of the film trying to find understanding.

Walk (2003, Alexei Uchitel)

Two young men casually acquainted with the girl Olga and go for a walk together on Peter. This spontaneous trip will bring the Trinity lot of emotions: laughter and tears, hatred and love, disappointment, excitement, rage and serenity.

Mermaid (2007, Anna Melikyan)

Alice - a chronic loser. But one thing she incredibly lucky - Alice can talk to the sea and has the gift to influence world events. It can change the lives of others, but the strength she cope with their desires, which are immediately executed?

Elena (2011, Andrei Zvyagintsev)

In the film "Elena" tells the story of an elderly couple in which the husband to his wife, Vladimir is more like a servant, not as a beloved woman. Once in the hospital, where he is visiting only daughter, Vladimir revises his will, leaving almost nothing to his wife Elena, and she is forced to decide on a desperate steps.

Pussycat (2009, Gregory of Constantinople)

Psychological comedy "The Cat" will reveal four very different view: the baby, a successful businessman, and writer-loser-old woman dancer. Each of them lives waiting for chances - for love, success, justice. But all the stories are connected in unexpected ways.

Driver for Vera (2004, Paul Chukhray)

The characters of the film - people uneasy destiny. Gentle sun of the Black Sea coast, the atmosphere of the sixties with their music, fashion, cars, their lifestyle and entertainment coexist in the film with the mystery of the struggle for spheres of influence between the army and the KGB. Bright acting job, interesting plot twists, and besides - Award "Nika" for best music.

I do not hurt (2006 Aleksei Balabanov)

The lyrical melodrama, unusual, poignant, touching love story of a poor young guy Misha and adult women provided Tata. Decent work Aleksei Balabanov, enjoying a delightful game Renata Litvinova and young Alexander Yatsenko.

Bury Me Behind the Baseboard (2008, Sergei Snezhkin)

A screen adaptation of the story of Paul Sanaeva partly autobiographical. The film is about the life of eight-year-boy Sasha Saveliev. He lives with his grandmother, because she does not trust the education of the child of her daughter, whom she considers dissipated. Grandmother - a real tyrant, and she and her mother literally tear the child apart.

Radio Day (2008, Dmitry Dyachenko)

Initially the "Radio Day" was only the play "Quartet". It - the history of the everyday work of the Moscow radio station called "How would the radio." Funny story, qualitative humor and amazing charisma of the famous quartet.

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