Jean Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier) said goodbye to Hermes' in Paris

As part of the Paris Fashion Week held a landmark event - the famous fashion designer presented his latest collection for the fashion house Hermes'.

It is learned that in the next season of "main architect" of the brand will be Christophe Lemaire (Christophe Lemaire), known for his collaboration with Lacoste. It is no secret that the name of Hermes' has become popular due to the production, in time, saddles and horse harness all elements.

Jean Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier), as a true fan of outrageous performances, transformed the catwalk into the world of horses and horsewomen. Couturier opted for the three basic colors: black, white and red. It is logical that the basic material in the manufacture of clothing has become leather. Despite the presence of lashes and aggressive rider in the men's clothing, the whole show was very elegant, and added emotional moment at the end of the show on the podium went to the author of the collection of single rose. This moment was very touching.


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