Jean Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier) made a punk show haute couture in Paris

French master of surprise "does not disappoint" at this time. And if the show seen someone does not like it - they would not have remained indifferent. For this, Jean-Paul and appreciated.

Even taking into account the fact that after the show Gautier had not yet one show, critics immediately dubbed the show by Jean Paul Gaultier best over the last few years of his work. Well, of course, unanimously named seen the most spectacular show in the Fashion Week in Paris. The show really came out very bright and emotional. A mixture of punk culture with a burlesque cabaret issued an incredibly pungent cocktail. As you know, Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier) have always been careful to create collections, so each image in the collection had its name. The highlight of the show was the release of a real dancer of the most famous Parisian cabaret - Crazy Horse. Then, in the blink of an eye, fashion shows and transformed into a dance show. Completed defile the maestro himself.


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