Day in Photos, January 27 2011

Today is replete with sporting events, the opening of the exhibition, as well as interesting offers and new products. Well, hit, of course, it was not the politicians, and awakened from a long slumber volcano and snow in North America.

Snow removal in New Jersey, USA.

Philadelphia is also covered in snow. A resident of stealthily down to the subway.

In Japan, the volcano began to worry shinmoe. Moreover, he became worried and all the Japanese people living nearby.

Orangutans have fun at the zoo in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Indian walks his buffalo far from unfinished construction in Calcutta.

Two Thai diver congratulate the audience with the New Year in an aquarium in Bangkok.

Yangon (Myanmar) people holding hands with your fingers year old saltwater crocodile.

Macaque in the Japanese city of Nagano, the zoo decided to take a dip.

In British Park gorilla began to walk on its hind legs only. That is to say, in spite of Darwin.

Gippopotamovaya love in the Warsaw Zoo.

Chinese patrol vessel apparently strayed, being close to the Japanese coast. Perhaps the ship had already begun to celebrate the New Year.

Cook preparing dumplings in a restaurant in Shanghai.

An unknown hand steals cap Bundeswehr soldiers in the Reichstag.

Residents of Noida expect delivery of natural gas, sitting with empty bottles (India).

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard subtly hinted to journalists that the press conference is over.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, rather rubbing his hands. Finally he got to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Again this strange gesture that can be interpreted in different ways.

Regular losses tennis tournament «Australian Open». Roger Federer after losing the quarterfinals Novak Djokovic: "Eyes have not seen my impression of the Serb».

Novak answered "myself so!».

Emmanuel Adebayor replaced shirt "Manchester City" to "Real" (Madrid).

Cricket World Cup in New Delhi (India). The prize will be played from February 19 to April 2.

Handball World Championship for men in 2015, the year will be held in Qatar. During the trophy held President of the Olympic Committee of Qatar and President of the International Handball Federation.

In the town of Galle in the south of the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), launched the annual literary festival.

In the Austrian capital, Vienna, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Roy Lichtenstein, which will last until mid-May.

In Rome, opened the architectural monument "House vestalskih virgins».

Giant rabbit in Shanghai makes Last warning: "Soon the New Year!».

South Korean looks at the model of Hyundai Grandeur in the exhibition center of Seoul.

Lover discounts choosing clothes in a shop H & M, where today 25% discount (Beverly Hills, CA, USA).

Jewelry Chanel in the cabin during the fashion week in Paris.

President and CEO «Sony Computer Entertainment», Kazuo Hirai, is a new competitor Nintendo called NGP.

Meanwhile, the younger generation of Japanese people continue to play an outdated Nintendo DS. The next month is expected to release a new version of the console with support for 3D.

In Pakistan, too, is fashion. In the capital, began in Islamabad Fashion Week.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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