Christian Dior as part of Fashion Week in Paris

Retro theme continues to haunt the minds of the designers of the most fashion houses in the world. I was no exception and John Galliano (John Galliano) with their subordinates.

Creative director draws its inspiration from the works of the greatest graphic fashion the last century Gryuo Rene (Rene Gruau). This is observed in the silhouettes that pyshut and elegance. Special attention deserves the black and red scale, which was also characteristic of the fashion illustrator from the last century. In fact, Christian Dior continued to show the idea of ​​last year's exhibition of works by M. Gryuo. Makeup artists also did not stand aside and support a retro theme. Original draping dresses and the impression that each touched his brush along the maestro Gryuo, created a sense of epic and hills, as befits a show of haute couture.


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