The day in pictures, March 11, 2011

Today's Friday, the Japanese will remember for a long time. It was the most powerful earthquake in the history of the country. But we try a little distracted, because so the entire Internet is full of news about this.

However, not to mention at least in passing. After the earthquake in Japan hit a powerful tsunami wave, the demolition of literally everything in its path.

Indonesian volcano Bromo in Java continues to stay awake, spewing lava particles. Inside its massive crater are four smaller ones.

The US state of New Jersey in misery due to flooding.

Cock fighting - one of the best entertainment of men in Afghanistan.

The dog sleeps in anticipation of the second day dog ​​show in Birmingham, UK.

Two-headed turtle and pyatinogaya Magdalena became a major celebrity not only in Zilina, but in the whole of Slovakia just a couple of days.

Alpacas at an exhibition in the British city of Coventry.

At the UN camp for refugees from Libya, in Tunisia, water is worth its weight in gold.

Indonesian goes by a temporary bridge in the village Tangse affected by the recent flooding.

Special units of the Iraqi police dispersed a demonstration in central Baghdad.

In the capital of Jordan, Amman, demonstrations took place with the support of the opposition. Middle East obviously got a taste.

Protesters in downtown Rome, set up tents on the roof of the police car, alluding to the difficult living conditions.

Hundreds of Arabs took to the streets of the city of Kuwait Jahra with the requirements of respect for human rights.

Palestinian Israeli police disperse protesters with water color. What makes it "better" than usual - it is unclear.

Pakistani members of the organizations of Jammu and Kashmir Liberal Front staged a protest, demanding the release of their colleagues.

In Libya, the confrontation with the rebel forces of the country regularly.

Opponents of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi pray during traditional Friday prayers.

French President on Libya: "How many of the country, and the noise ...».

 - And now for the women.

Angela Merkle (ibid): "Whom is he now?".

Gorka of the golf balls in the Chinese Shenzhen before the start of the international tournament «Mission Hills China».

Michael Schumacher is testing a new Mercedes GP car during the fourth day of winter testing in Barcelona.

The coach of the German football club "Schalke" Felix Magath decided to drink beer after hitting his club in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Italian skier Denise Karbon finished second in the giant slalom competition at the next World Cup in Spindlevur Mlyn, Czech Republic.

The Italian athlete Tanya Kanotto after jumping from a meter springboard at the European Championships in ski jumping in Turin.

Bangladeshi fans aggressively support their national cricket team in the framework of the World Cup.

Norwegian biathlete Tarjei Boe again won the Biathlon World Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk. At this time in the men's relay team 4h7, 5 km.

The second place was occupied by the Russians (pictured Maxim).

A third finished Ukrainians (pictured Sergey Semenov).

Preparation of the space shuttle "Endeavour" to his last, the 25th in a row at the space flight, which will take place April 19.

Snowy airplane at the airport in the US Zelienople.

Lonely boat among the many yachts in the Gulf of Panama.

Today, the Berlin museum Martin Gropius Bau exhibition "Compass: drawings from New York." The work provided by the Foundation of Modern drawing Judith Rothschild.

Sydney opened the largest exhibition of tattoos and body art.

In Mumbai, India kicked off Fashion Week Lakme Fashion Week.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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