Sweet rolls

Low-fat cottage cheese - 100 grams
Honey - 10 grams
Cherry - 100 grams
Banana - 70 grams
Rice paper - 3 sheets

Curd obezzhirennyy- 100 grams
10 grams of copper
Cherry zamorozhennaya- 100 grams
Banan- 70 grams
Rice bumaga- 3 sheets

1. Banana clean, cut into strips. Cherry unfreeze, gently squeeze out the juice. Cottage cheese mixed with honey. To make it easier to do it, honey better pre-melt. You can begin to wrap the rolls.
Before svorachivaeniem rolls each sheet of rice paper for a few seconds should be lowered in a bowl with a little warm water to make it slightly elastic.
Prepared to lay out a sheet on a cutting board, cheese lubricate it, step back a little from the edges, at the proximal end and put a cherry on two sticks banana, gently fold everything into a roll, first close the stuffing on the sides of an ungreased edges, then gently turning roll. Just before serving all cooked sweet rolls with cherry and banana should be removed in the freezer for 20 minutes, then carefully cut into six or eight pieces.


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