The day in pictures, May 9, 2011

Needless to say how significant this day for all of us? I think no. Once again I congratulate all on the occasion of the Great Victory. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten! But apart from the celebration was much more interesting, although the main vector is understandable.

Footed booby sits on a rock in Bampton, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Woman driving her geese on a pond in Shanxi Province, north China.

Afghan children and a woman feeding pigeons on the square near the shrine of Imam Ali Nazari-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

The water level in the Mississippi River continues to rise. Memphis more submerged, USA.

Previously, there was a road. Now deadlock. Motorcyclists will have to find a detour. Japan is still in the rubble after the earthquake and tsunami.

Villagers rescued Lumadzhang moped from floods, East Java, Indonesia.

Some residents of the town of Navotas big wave - a fun game, Philippines.

That's where the water does not hurt. Burning wood in the suburbs Gonzalez Ortega, Mexico.

Italian soldiers today will fight the garbage in Naples and its suburbs. According to experts, it is necessary to rid the city of more than four thousand tons of garbage. Due to warming, Neapolitan breathing becomes increasingly difficult.

Confiscated weapons from suspected terrorists in the Syrian town of Banias.

In the area Vidhisha there was another train accident. At this time, the train derailed. About 25 people received injuries of varying severity. India leads the world in disaster on the railroad.

Israeli youths during a moment of silence in honor of Memorial Day on the breakwater in Ashkelon, Israel.

War veterans and spouses Yuri and Claudia Trubacheva at a party in honor of Victory Day in Kiev Museum of War, Ukraine.

WWII veterans dance with a woman dressed in a military uniform of the WWII in Gorky Park, Moscow.

Two kadetki accompany the veteran during the celebration of May 9 in St. Petersburg.

Young Buddhist monks in the 3D-glasses during a visit to the Museum of SC Telecom, Seoul, South Korea.

Nepalese believers driven chariot, the god of rain on the occasion of the festival in honor of him - Rato Machhendranata, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at a parade in honor of the Great Victory, Red Square, Moscow.

In the sky burns asterisk - a St. Petersburg "Zenith"! The best club we do not need, than the "Zenith" from Leningrad! Two cheerleaders, who are already over a hundred years at the match "Zenit" - "Locomotive".

The participants of the Prague marathon run along the Charles Bridge.

Japanese couple is opposed to representatives of Thailand in the qualifying round of the World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Goalkeeper Sweden Hockey Eric Esbjerg has once again saved his team from the goal. Nonetheless, Canadians still won 3: 2.

Czechs are not a stone was left by the Germans. 5: 2 and a lot of unrealized moments. IIHF World Championship in Slovakia continued.

Two dresses of Princess Diana sold at auction in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Restoration of the three-masted ship the XIX-th century in East London. When the vehicle is fully recovered, museum visitors will be able to touch the past and learn the history of the ship under the name of «Cutty Sark».

In the Chinese city of Chongqing started the festival BODY PAINTING.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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