True reality Ed Ou (Ed Ou)

This, born in Canada, a photojournalist, not chasing unimaginable beauty and delightful images. His work - a harsh reality.

Now Ed Ou (Ed Ou) only twenty-four years. However, the experience of a professional photographer has already passed for the first five years. The first work which has been undertaken Ed - the war between the Israeli authorities and Hezbollah group. Then there were the Southern Lebanon and Somalia. All this happened with our hero while he was at university. At the end of high school, Ed moved to time in Kazakhstan, but rather, to Semipalatinsk - a city of nuclear tests. Canadian cooperates with the leading news agencies of the world. Such as Getty Images and Agency France Press. Mr. Ou on duty had to learn four languages ​​in addition to his native English.

Photo by Ed Ou


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