Day in Photos, September 19, 2011

Today in Europe saw the snow, the ocean began to rebel ordinary citizens in Japan again remembered the tragedy of Fukushima, drinking beer in Bavaria in the rain, and much more is not quite familiar. Well, the fact he and Monday;)

Soft fluffy clouds and sun rays in the early morning sky over the city of Tianjin, China.

In Austria today, the first snow fell. However, so far only in the regions that are at a height of over 600 meters above sea level.

In Switzerland, the snow fell taller (1,400 meters above sea level), but it is also a local cows do not like and Austrian.

New mom a baby Siberian tiger in the zoo Qingdao, China.

Ana Julia Torres kisses Jupiter, a lion named, which, after 12 years of work in the circus gave the zoo in Cali, Colombia.

Indian sculptor of the statue of the goddess Durga is preparing for the next multi-day festival, which kicks off on October 2, Allahabad, India.

Participants another bloody entertainment called Corralejo or "bullfight" running away from an angry bull in Sins, Colombia.

Six Japanese swam 152 kilometers between Japan and Taiwan in gratitude to local residents for their support during the disaster that occurred last spring.

Street vendor tree straightens "showcase" in Amman, Jordan. With rising oil prices, the tree is growing in popularity.

Tens of thousands of protesters took part in the rally demanding an end to the use of nuclear energy, Tokyo, Japan.

In New York, Wall Street's third day of protests against pass current economic system. The demonstrators are ready to hold shares for at least a week.

It refers to an event, US President Barack Obama - evident in his facial expression.

Georgian girls dancing at a meeting of Prince Albert II of Monaco in a small Georgian town of Dmanisi.

Brett Garner of the baseball team «New York Yankees» catches the ball near the billboard near the shutter of the camera Nikon. The match against «Toronto Blue Jays» in Toronto, Canada.

Fans «Miami Dolphins» frighten opponents of «Houston Texans» before the game of American football in Miami.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal takes the ball in the match against Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the framework of the Davis Cup semifinal match in Cordoba, Spain.

French team in basketball is already at home. In Paris, they put on a T-shirt Tony Parker at the monument to Winston Churchill, as a symbol of the fact that reaching the final of the European Championship, they secured their ticket to the Olympics in London.

Despite the defeat of the Macedonians in the match for third place against the Russians, in his native Skopje teams met tens of thousands of appreciative fans.

The coach of the football club "Olympic" from Marseille Didier Deschamps (center) has been actively involved in the training of the club. This is not surprising. After six rounds of the club occupies the last place in the French championship.

In the German Munich beer festival continues «Oktoberfest».

Rain forced many to leave the territory of the festival, or to move into tents.

One of fifty elephant statues in Milan as part of the parade of elephants, which runs until October 15. The event is intended to draw attention to the extinction of Indian elephants and their vulnerability, Italy.

Another masterpiece of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. Introduced two years ago, Tata Nano car was positioned as the world's cheapest and promised rabid sale. It did not work. Using 80 kilograms of 20 carat gold and 15 kg of silver, as well as many gems in the coating cars, Indians hope to draw attention to his "child".

Installation on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro against corruption in the government. 594 broom symbolizes the desire of Brazilians to eradicate corruption among members of Congress, which just 594 people.

In Sofia, the Bulgarian museum was opened socialism, showing paintings, sculptures and other works of art on this subject.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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