Japan after the apocalypse in the drawings Tokyogenso

The young Japanese artist is interested in digital art, in particular, he was attracted by the futuristic theme of the apocalypse. Although, in the light of recent events in Japan this spring, the theme has not seems so far-fetched, and.

The Japanese are no strangers to the devastation and disaster. That only is the nuclear bombing of the Americans at the end of World War II. And here tsunami happen more often than we see, for example, the same degree. In the figures, you will see the consequences Tokyogenso apokalipisa in the capital of the country - Tokyo and other major Japanese cities. He tried to draw the most famous place to anyone even slightly familiar with these megacities people just could not understand where it is. Figures Tokyogenso no living people, only a lonely view of the artist, a riot of greenery and the echo of its former greatness.


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