Wedding photographer Kathryn Krueger (Kathryn Krueger)

American last fall has been recognized as the best wedding photographer in the category of "eve", according to the International Community of wedding photographers. Photos with whom Catherine won - the first inside the material.

Kathryn Krueger (Kathryn Krueger) was born in Chicago and currently moved south to Texas, where he lives and works. While her friends and joke that she was in the womb since the camera itself Catherine denies this fact. She believes that just at some point I realized - to seek and find the beauty is not enough, you also need to be able to extend it. Photo is perfectly suited as a tool. After reviewing the work of masters, you will find that visiting a professional photographer for a wedding - it's not a fad, or something else. This is a real opportunity to capture the best moments of perhaps the most important events in the life of each.


Photo by Kathryn Krueger


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