Landscapes lyrical color blind photographer

Photographer in his works deliberately erased the boundary between painting and photography, and long exposure contributed to the fact that even the most static objects look as full of movement and life. The ability to create dynamic - good talent.

Chris Friel (Chris Friel) - British painter who got a camera and has since left the drawing. However, his work, because art education, extremely picturesque. It is worth noting that the photographer-artist colorblind, so that the whole play of light in the works especially unique due to the peculiarities of Chris. He often puts the slope of the lens by hand, with a deviation of 3.5 degrees and creates slight movement of the camera. Wonderful landscapes and scenery have enjoyed a wide range of critics, who often call them weird, unearthly. The author has already thrice nominated for international award "Landscape Photographer of the Year».

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