A selection of interesting facts in the pictures, which you do not even think

A bit forgotten, we have already become a regular, interesting facts about everything and everyone. It stimulates beginning of the month to start something again. Therefore, this warm June day, we decided to revive the surprise :)

And there is something to be surprised. Peter Jarvis (Peter Jarvis) and Gethin Vaughan (Gethin Vaughan) are carefully selected and checked every unusual fact, and then, no less carefully painted them. Today the collection is not a theme, and everything.

Dalmatians are born white and without spots.

The German Nazis were trying to teach the dog to read.

Before the advent of the eraser, lead pencil washed bread.

One-third of the world come from pineapples from Hawaii.

The only words that says multpersonazh dog Pluto: "Kiss me."

Charles Richter, the creator of the Richter scale (the classification of earthquake forces), was a nudist.

For every person on the planet for about two million ants.

The English word «set» has a value of 464.

Lefties more timid and shy than right-handers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has killed 513 people in the movies.

On the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, has a 3G-coverage.

Rats are afraid of tickling and laughing away.

French fries at McDonalds contains beef.

The astronauts can not cry in space.

Cows are the best of friends.

Children rabbits are called kittens.

The ant can survive a fall from a skyscraper.

In Tokyo, Japanese selling wigs for dogs.

Viagra does not give the flowers begin to fade.

Rain in the film "Singing in the Rain" was actually milk.

Sharks are a bit more relaxed when listening to the group «AC / DC».

Tarantulas (spiders) can live up to two years without food.

The red color can cause a person a sense of hunger.


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