10 foods McDonalds, which few people have heard

Fast food culture established itself in the modern world, and almost no country where there were no restaurants McDonalds. However, in each menu is made so as to take into account the peculiarities of a national cuisine.
For example, some McDonalds restaurants in New England and Canada is prepared dish called McLobster a kind of sandwich with Canadian lobster meat.

And here in Germany are preparing Nürnburger - a burger with three grilled sausage and mustard.

Oh, and, of course, only in Gemanii McDonalds-menu you can see in the beer McBeer.

In Australia and New Zealand McPasta served as the US and India McPizza.

Indonesians prefer McRice - traditional hamburger with only rice cakes.

In Israel, you can eat the most authentic shawarma and kebab, which is also wrapped in a pancake, called McKebab.

Hawaii is very popular breakfast called Spam & Eggs, which includes eggs, cakes, potato or rice, and dietary meat.

Well, in Spanish restaurants you can buy a cold tomato soup with olive oil and vinegar called Mc-Gazpacho.

What any of this might seem quite acceptable and tasty Russian man, but in any case, as they say "no accounting for tastes.

However, the most original Japanese proved that introduced the practice of Weddings, treating its guests dishes from McDonalds. Over time, the menu will also wedding cake called McWedding.

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