The best advertising the second half of May 2012

That was the end of spring. Advertising, by the way, too. Ahead of the summer and holiday season. But this does not mean that marketers and advertisers will no longer create a new "trap" for consumers. Your attention last spring advertising.

Traditionally, we start our review with the prints. It was interesting to quite a lot.

Russians from «BBDO» created another series of prints for Snickers: «you - not you, when you are hungry."

Advertising organizations to combat drug and alcohol addiction in the form of a roller coaster, "You can know where the fun begins, but I do not know where it will end."

Funny ads aerosol «Vapona» against harmful insects "Enough strain."

Zoo of South Africa in Johannesburg has campaigned for the protection of animals: "Animals are not processed. Please any one time. " The pictures chameleon, frog and octopus.

According to the following advertising, you'll hear everything in the system «Big Foote». Imperceptible at first glance the picture microphone on all the pictures.

Another of the myriad of hair Shwarzkopf Pallette: «Your hair. Your canvas. "

"Poaching threatens not only the lives of the Ocean" - an international organization for the protection of the world's oceans «Sea Shepherd».

Furniture «Sommiercenter» so convenient that nothing can wake you up.

"To destroy is easy to make. It is much more difficult to leave it "- advertising beauty.

"I came before?" - A slogan from Durex condoms for those who are too quickly "come to the finish line» :)

A subtle hint of «Financial Times» about the possible impact on the US economy as a result of the crisis in the euro area :)

Travel agency «Azonzo Travel» offers to its clients to become tourists from real travelers. I do not see only the Australian boomerangs, and in Cuba, only cigars.

The original version of the outdoor advertising Tourism «Carnival», offering cruises. New York taxi shows through GPS-navigator distance to the sea terminal in Manhattan.

Another unusual "invasion". The company «Galaxsea Travel» using catering informs visitors on the cost of air travel to one country or another, depending on whether the country is characterized Serve :)

To some it may seem like sacrilege, but advertising of superglue, in general, perceive quite positively :)

«AXE Effect» creates the desired effect even in the press. Owners simply direct the spray deodorant picture and voila - immediately appear Girl :)

Maybe a little scary, but I'm sure that it works. Balloons with the message, stimulating the donation through the assistance of the "Red Cross".

Many people like to chew a pen or pencil. Brazil began to produce pencils, where instead of the eraser on the end - chewing gum. Of course, this is not mass production, but simply an advertising campaign gum Bang.

Very interesting advertising options chosen Panama dealer Japanese lorries Hino. They have to finish in the warehouse truck ramps, creating the illusion of a real car.

Just great idea has been implemented in the Australian Melbourne and Sydney, marking the launch of the all-electric Nissan Leaf. The organizers arranged the exhibition "A world without gasoline," which turned the petrol units in various objects of everyday life.

Positive action was carried out guerrilla Montreal newspaper «The Les Affaires». They hired a group parkurschikov who handed out for free on the streets of New Spetsizdanie newspaper. No one customer does not come to mind to give up the newspaper. For a couple of hours, the guys have distributed more than 3,500 copies of the newspaper.

Bar «Aurora & Boteco Ferraz» held a special event. Having created the world's first microphone breathalyzer, everybody sing karaoke at the end of the song did not see the result of his singing, and the amount of alcohol in the blood, with recommendations, if sung person is going to get behind the wheel.

Funny advertising cameraman Direct TV, in which a child like all at once: "Everyone sees what he wants."

Another television advertising, is sure that television has many advantages. A sort of a modern version of the cat Matroskin. Only dogs :)

A series of funny clips from MTV gitarochelovekami "Music never ends."

Many of you may have seen the viral video with the plates. In fact, it was an advertisement for musical applications «MusicBunk».

How to increase sales of beer? Very simple. The Argentine pubs and bars, for example, popularized rugby. Just perform a real rugby push the machine could get his beer. Sales rose by a quarter.

Pulbol beer «Budweiser», soccer and dancing are connected in one place.

On the eve of the European Football Championship, the dessert was supposed to be a football advertising. Nike - «My time is now." It's funny, dynamic and sometimes even crazy.

That's all. See you in the middle of June!


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