Seacoast South Devon in the lens Kim Aldis (Kim Aldis)

Let's be honest, this is not the area is rich in nature, and not particularly well known landmarks. But the sea here is really magical. Proof of this will be a series of pictures of the British photographer.

Kim Aldis (Kim Aldis) engaged in photography not so long ago. Previously, he worked as a designer of computer animation. A photograph of Briton studied at the London College of Printing. After graduation, he worked long time assistant director-clipmaker. Having spent some time as a freelance photographer for the world of music, Kim decides to seriously change their career and work in vector animation studio focused on 3D-modeling and the creation of CGI-video. Then he founded his own studio «Aldis Animation Company». Taking the structure of one of the most popular in the UK, the British sold it, and more than ten years working on their own. And now, finally I decided to take a photo. And he is coming out very bad.

Photo by Kim Aldis


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