Teaching a child who is isolated

7-year-old Devon Carrow-Sperduti (Devon Carrow-Sperduti) from New York City plagued by deadly allergic reactions to many foods and even smells. His illness means that he must spend most of his life in isolation. But the boy's parents, felt that a deadly allergy should not deny the boy's communication with peers and especially the right to go to school. So they decided - instead send the boy to school ... robot!

Now, instead of Devon goes to school robotic device, which serves as a communicator between Devon and his peers and teachers. Thus he Devon is sitting safely in his bedroom, five kilometers from the school. The amazing technology called «« VGO-robot »», has an interactive screen whereby Devon interacts with classmates, despite the fact that he has never met them face to face.

Robot Devon has its own table in the classroom and can answer questions the teacher, using the flashing light, not raising his hand. "Children do not call the car VGO - they call him Devon - says the boy's mother. - That's not helping his son to feel a social recluse, he goes to school, just like any other child. He is obliged to do everything that every child is doing in class. " The technology works as follows - Devon on the table in the bedroom and on top of the machine to increase the height of primary school students are located high-resolution cameras that transmit signals via a wireless connection. Therefore, Devon sees his teacher, the board and the other children in the class. The robot moves around the school with the other students on two wheels, as the Segway.

Photo: Robot «VGO-robot» in Winchester Elementary School, West Seneca, New York. September 2012.

Now, visual presence and participation of boys in classroom activities provides the robot, manufactured by «VGo Communications» and purchased for $ 5, 000. The robot is capable of transmitting audio and visual information in both directions, is in the classroom, and Devon - in a specially equipped him Mother corner for learning.


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