Fake Chinese Coins

Counterfeit bills is no surprise, the Chinese went on, they began to counterfeit coins.
And give them for rare coins.
Many people are maintained on this trick and buy a lot of money.
But the real professional worthless coin to determine the real from the fake.

In this case, to determine that all of the proposed coins - forgery was not difficult. Furthermore inconsistencies in dates (Edward became king only in 1901, respectively, in 25 years (in 1866) no one on the coins are not minted) and terrifying appearance (see. Eg eye freedom and foot eagle merged with the tail in the 1796 year), most coins were magnetic (silver which naturally should not be). However, not always the definition of counterfeits is so simple.
If earlier the majority of coarse forgery was manufactured by injection and can be determined "on the Bells" (cast emit a hollow sound), now the majority of counterfeits are minted.

Punches and dies for the production of counterfeits.

Equipment Chinese counterfeiters.


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