What are the most rare and expensive coins of Russia?

Fifty two million three hundred fifty thousand nine hundred seventy six

Numismatists — those who prefer to collect coins. But they are also divided into those who collect different coins, and there are those who collect something specific. For example, some prefer the Soviet period, and others take in the whole Russia, both contemporary and of the tsarist period. If you go to the directory devoted to numismatics, you can see which coins are the most valuable.
Valuable coins of Imperial Russia
If you look at what are the most valuable coins of the Imperial period, it appears that it is not even about gold jewelry, and silver. Among them there are those instances, which today is estimated at several million dollars. Of course, to afford to buy them only by wealthy collectors. So what are the coins included in the top five and what factors influenced their value?
Today a leading position among the coins of this period are such instances:
  1. The ruble 1740 no wonder is in the first place, as it is estimated almost 4 million dollars. Last time for the same amount the wheel was sold in 2012. These coins today, there are only 5 copies.
  2. Rouble 1796 in 2016 was sold for 3 million dollars. Be aware that it is the only coin, which depicts the Emperor Paul I
  3. Polupoltinnik 1827, which was made as a test instance. The latest price of this coin is a little over $ 2 million
  4. Efimok 1798 is considered one of the most interesting silver coins. The starting price for it at auction was offered 120 thousand Swiss francs. And the final cost was half a million dollars.
  5. The ruble 1886 is also considered to be a trial. Its starting price at auction of 2014 was small, but in the end it reached 1 365 678 dollars.
To the last point it is necessary to add only that at the same auction 2014 exactly for the same amount was sold to another coin — ruble 1807, known only in one copy.
Expensive coins of the Russian Federation
There is a very expensive coins that were produced in Russia. They began to appear since the early 90-ies of XX century. We are not talking about a commemorative coin, and those that were in use. Here it is necessary to pay attention not only to the model year, but for every little thing. One of the most expensive coins 5 rubles, which was released in 1999. In Russian numismatics this coin is often called the "flying Dutchman" and it is estimated 250 000. And all because unknown to her appearance, she has only one copy.
Rarity considered and 5 cents for 1999. For a long time it was believed that such coins just is not produced. The first of them began to speak only in 2013. Then one old woman brought to the market trader in numismatics a bag of coins for different years. And among them he found these 5 cents, which was sold at auction for 300 thousand rubles. It is now known like 5 copies 5 cents.


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