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In principle, any old coin today seems something unique and unusual, but even among this incredible variety of curiosities found their "only ones", such as large - up to 5 tons - the boulders of the island of Yap, or Chinese metal plates weighing up to 3 kg , which were driven by a hundred coins, obviously for convenience. A Roman coins and all were called "elephant money" because of the image of an elephant, takes up the entire surface of the metal plate. Curious as the Australian dollar. They consisted of two coins: the central part of the dollar has a removable and has its own face value, as well as the remaining part around it.
However, not only ancient coins attract the attention of fans of all sorts of miracles. Commemorative collection coins of modern coinage also deserve to be mentioned among the most unusual coins. By the way, the cost of some of them reaches a half million! Not a bad investment, is not it?

1. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Three pound and kilogram silver coin - gold.
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Today, thanks to modern technology, collectible coins can acquire the most amazing views. For example, multi-colored coins are issued, the price of which depends not only on their member alloys, but also on the artistic value of the whole product, as well as the number of copies issued. Yes, if you suddenly decided to laugh ponderous ancient coins, pay attention to the modern collector's series dedicated to tropical fish. One such coin weighs almost more than 5 kg! Such coins are quite suitable frame in the form of an aquarium. What is not a suitable gift for scuba trips? If you have, of course, there will be extra fifteen thousand rubles. Australians also do not cease to please numismatists expensive novelties, releasing a collection of coins dedicated motortechnique beginning of the twentieth century.
Such unusual coins are not just for collectors. They are not a bad investment, as made of high quality precious metal. They can give for any occasion and perfectly for everyone, as long as funds for such a gift enough.

2. Canadian coins with hologram

3. Coins with inserts of precious and semiprecious stones

4. Square coin Turkey

5. Oval coin "Flowers Turkey»

6. 100 Austrian schillings. Silver 900, tab - Titanium

7. Chinese coins in the form of a fan. A series of "Chinese Calendar", Gold, Silver 999

8. Australia, in 2006, a silver coin with a capsule within which are miniature replicas of the six coins, means of payment that were before the introduction of decimal currency system in Australia

9. The first coin in a series of outstanding sculptures of the world with the insertion of the miniature sculptures from marble

10. The crystal-silver coin

11. Cook Islands, to the 80th anniversary of Benedict XVI, in 2007, the face value of $ 5, 925 silver, 25 g, gilding - 999 gold, Swarovski crystals

12. The coin in memory of John Paul II in the form of a cross with black Swarovski crystals, silver, gilding

13. Coin-transformer "Sundial" and coin compass

14. A set of four coins. The coin's reverse, together make up the word «Cook». Circulation of 1779 that sets the year in which Cook was killed by natives in Hawaii

15. Coin with inserts elements of the meteorite. Silver 925, a coating of palladium

16. The world's first coin in the shape of a pyramid with a capsule containing sand from the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, discovered in the Valley of the Pharaohs famous English archaeologist Carter in 1922

17. Unique coin with the thermal image. Initially, the coin has a uniform red color. When heated, coins manifested hands image chicken

18. Coin Palau with inset stained glass from natural amber

19. The Cook Islands, the Egyptian pyramids. Coin-transformer. Tab can be mounted vertically on a coin

20. The coin with the sound! "I am proud that I am a Berliner!" - When you press the coin reproduces the historic phrase of John F. Kennedy.

21. Coin capsule with holy water from the Lourdes.

22. Unique coin-top

23. Offshore calendar for 50 years.

24. The coin with the smell of the sea! If scratched finger wave depicted on a coin, it will begin to smell.

25. A coin with gold beads.

26. This unusual coin is made of maple wood, released as a reminder of the protection of tropical forests and the gorilla population, which is becoming smaller and smaller. Released only two thousand of these coins




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