Colorful photographer Sergei Kostenkov

The young man from a small town in the heart of Ukraine, is just beginning his career life photographer. However, he had already taken part in several photo contests, and even become a student of one of them.

Our acquaintance with Sergey hardly a coincidence. We just asked for a meeting to him, so as not to talk about the pictures blindly, but know the author better. For the first time, the thought of purchasing your own camera, came to Sergei not so long ago. However, as he says himself, an idea hatched over the years, from the time that once as a child with his mother went to the magical world of professional photo studio. Soffits, dark room, a special smell - all clearly remembered for a lifetime. Sergei has a very good mentor and teacher, thanks to which, in the opinion of the author, and he has come such diverse, colorful pictures. Young photographer prefers black and white photo color, although this is not invariable rule. A selection of his work, we decided to be divided into three parts, because in addition to images of everyday life, Sergei Kostenkova very good at portraits and staged photo. However, the photographer himself against any genre limits.

Photo by Sergey Kostenkova


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