Money for graduation dresses Serbian students have given to sick children

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Graduates High School Serbian town of Pirot decided to abandon the expensive dresses and suits at the prom, to give the saved money to the needy, said the publication During the campaign "Your five minutes shine - someone's whole life" Students and teachers have collected 310,000 dinars, yesterday the money was transferred to three families with seriously ill children.

In the grand hall of the gymnasium were transferred money for a 12-year-old Predrag Poticha suffering from cerebral palsy, 11-year-old Matei Lazarevic had undergone seven operations and the five-year Chedy Tosic, also with cerebral palsy and after recent surgery began to walk.

After the celebrations at the school, graduates have passed through the city center in T-shirts with the words "Your five minutes shine - someone's whole lifeĀ»

Graduates say that they wanted to do something to be remembered, as well as give an example to future generations.

"The money that I would have given for the expensive clothes that who knows when to put more, I can give to someone who really need it," - says the graduate Branagh Kostic.


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