Chinese or original? So simple you will not understand


The technique of copying Chinese masters surpassed all copiers on the planet. List of things and objects, which was repeated in China, is increasing every year. Well, just copy the technique improved. See for yourself.

1. Eiffel Tower.

The resort Tianduchenge Chinese city has a small Paris. Of course, the main distinguishing feature - the Eiffel Tower.


The Chinese did not stop at a single site and copied other French landmarks - the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles and the entire block of houses built in the European style.


Of course, no one gives "Chinese Paris" for the present, but, for example, a chance to get into a search engine fake photo of the Eiffel Tower now has every internet user.

2. Transformers.

This topic has become a cult after the first film about the adventure alien machines. Well, how could it miss the Chinese? Local craftsman Zhu Kefeng decided to make our own fleet of Transformers (based, of course, taking the already invented characters).


Over time, Mr. Park Iron Robot has become a real local landmark (Tszyansin city, Zhejiang Province). There are about 600 transformers made from old car parts and motorcycles.


The owners of the park gladly accept a gift unnecessary piece of iron.

3. Mona Lisa.

Even the immortal creation Da Vinci did not go unnoticed Chinese. Now we need to be careful when talking about the most expensive "Mona Lisa", keep in mind that we can talk about the one that created in China.


Chinese painting, a copy is created from a huge number of colored gemstones total weight of more than 100 thousand carats. The cost of such a "Mona Lisa" over a hundred million dollars!

4. Popular cars.

Chinese unabashedly copied European cars. Of course, the power and quality of components Chinese copies are far from original, but apparently - "one person". Leader in the number avtoklonov can call the company Yema Auto.


Yema E-SUV- pirated copy crossover Infiniti EX, Yema F16 model very similar to the Audi A4 Avant, and Yema T-SUV - the spitting image of Volkswagen Tiguan.


5. DVRs.

Camera twin in almost identical buildings AdvoCam-FD5 Profi and teXet DVR-603FHD in fact very different. About how European car and Chinese clone of Yema Auto. Invented and developed in Russia AdvoCam equipped with high-quality glass optics, whereas copied in China teXet expensive plastic has nothing.


About the same difference between the processors: a AdvoCam worth a modern engine Ambarella A5S, in teXet - too Ambarella, but less recent version A2S60 (2S marking indicates generation). As a result, the video on these devices to be different. On the record "Advokama" different details and number of machines at a distance of 15 meters and 10 meters during the day at night. teXet as much "soaps»


And the materials of the body in these different registrars: soft touch plastic in AdvoCam and cheap plastic at teXet. Detailed debriefing has Habré.

6. Dear smartphones.

Fakes like "Nokly" - this is the last day. Modern Chinese copies of phones are simply amazing. For example, the last "piece of work" - a clone of the flagship HTC One.


A copy costs four times cheaper than the original, but the uninitiated person can vparit her and for 30 thousand! However, those who have little in the know, feel deception as soon take a fake hand housing in the false One plastic, not metal as the original. In addition, there is no mark Beats Audio.



There are, of course, and technical differences. The screen, of course, have a fake and a little less worse. Processor from another manufacturer and the battery is only 1600 mAh (against the original 2300 mAh). 7. Bicycles.

In recent years much more popular folding bikes Strida. Their distinguishing feature - frame in the shape of the letter "A", invented by British engineer and designer Mark Sanders.


Due to the strongly increased demand for bicycles Strida their production was moved to a factory in Taiwan Ming Cycle. In China, they also began to do only illegal, of course. On the forums of fans of this bike even released a memo.


Quality fakes bike is very low, especially in the frame - it simply can break down at any moment. However, the similarity in appearance almost identical.


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