Guests of the planet Earth

We are all guests on this planet. Come to some quite funny, in terms of the universe, time. Doing something, or trying to do, or portray what we do. Or maybe they do not bother themselves such nonsense. And care. Where, is not known, and the controversy about it being on this planet, probably as much as there is a homo sapiens. And maybe longer.
And at some point, stay away from the Earth there is a question: "What can I leave behind? Reward, so to speak, for your hospitality? "Pathetic? Yes, God bless him. But somehow it seems that this or some such question comes to many. (Those to whom he had come, please do not bathe - it's OK) and realizes that still want to leave anything except gravestones.
Children - yes, of course. Is sacred. And what else? At least some traces of any business. Clearly, not piles of garbage in the woods or field (or even some heap). Such real and, if possible, a positive-creative. (Although, here everyone again your criteria)
Or, if you do not make a literal sense, a head, at least to see how others have done. People. Nature. Easy like. What's there - he saw embodied, and the business is.
I dare say that most of us in life do not notice what we live and what we go next, or we go every day. In most. But there are exceptions.
One of these exceptions - Roman Nikonets. Fine art photographer and the person with whom we are going to keep heading "Guests of the planet Earth." There will be plenty of subtopics. Wanting to ask to join.
And to begin with - short fotoznakomstvo with Roman and his work.

By the way, we know for a long time. But here on the activities of each other is not suspected. (See two paragraphs above). Bowl plans to write about it separately - it hurts too colorful people. But this is with his permission. While excuses. I do not deserve modest)))

There was a week ago photo report from Andrew Lake Titicaca. With the insane sky. I tell you, we, too, the sky is. Only to see it should be))) Well, as I've said


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