Veal from the back side of the Earth.

Andrew Petrina, yet from Bolivia, is pleased to announce us.
Hello everyone!
Very often emerge gastronomic issues. And now, going to meet the wishes, attach a photo and a description of the usual steak 350-400 grams in the usual Bolivian cafe. Preparation - average. Taste - gently. Fried with visitors on the grill. If you ask how much it costs, I will answer: 33 USD for our money. After such "bIfe" is not desirable 7:00.

Tomorrow we go to Uyuni. Will tour 3 days + arrival day, the day of departure and then to Argentina. Next time I will write even from Argentina, because the Bolivian altiplano in INET will not.
But after the comments such as something completely cease to understand, to the countries of the world is Ukraine. That is, I will explain. It seems that we - agriculturally underdeveloped countries with claims for research in the field of high technology. (About the industry offers yet not to remember, that was not ashamed. They advanced from those giants some sad memories) So, if we / x third country fucking world, why do we have such price on this, I may say, s / s products?
That's because an example - if a poor country, then the price it accordingly, which ones? I Get It. And here is a theater of the absurd. When incomes are much lower razvitoevropeskogo food prices just above and everything else - is much higher. In this case, all bought. Adam Smith in his grave propeller spins.


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