Failing health

Today this legendary old man 95 years. Nelson Mandela - is perhaps the most powerful and brightest figure in the history of the twentieth century Africa. Leader, a fighter, and so on and so forth. UN International Day just after someone has not appointed. And besides, the dude has a really good health. Think about it - he was 95. At the same twenty-seven years shook his term in prisons in South Africa. As recently unsubscribed in a review article about him "where he ruined his health" .Nehilo so undermined. Almost a century has undermined lives. And if it was not time - can you imagine? He, by the way, after his presidency (1994-1999) is still in the field of fight against AIDS poaktivnichal (his son died from this muck)
Nevertheless, health and recovery from lung infection that he has picked up in June.


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