Greek island, where there are no cars, but there are donkeys

Hydra Island - it is the only Greek island where motor vehicles are prohibited.
And then, tell the author of this interesting tour.

There were no cars or motorcycles or scooters, or anything that growls and exudes the air exhaust gases. There is not even a bike (I do not know exactly what they are not pleased). The only means of transportation on the island are boats (for movement by sea), mules and donkeys to move directly to the island. Donkeys are carry tourists and local officials, loads in stores and mail, people in distant villages and their luggage ...

Many years ago for the island of Hydra was assigned the status of the reserve, which automatically led to a ban on the use of any motor vehicle on it. It is necessary to say that until it is not particularly here and used (except for scooters), so as the island itself is not very large, and historically there has always favored donkey mode of transport. Photo very well characterizes the traffic situation on the Hydra - donkeys, yachts and all kinds of boats ...

Right on the pier you can always see a few dozen donkeys standing in anticipation of a person or cargo. Just like our taxi stations.

Short bargaining and oslotaksi at your disposal. However, with the owner. On a donkey can go to the attractions or simply to drive around the island - it all depends on your desire

Today, they are rolled tourists, and tomorrow being taken to a distant village of luggage or goods in the shop ... All donkeys are universal

All shipments of Hydra delivered to the old cargo ships, and every morning you can watch the picture, as traders take to ship their goods. Export it, of course, on donkeys ... Swirls of these animals go straight to the deck, where they were, and loading

Well, then who is where - in taverns and restaurants, stores and shops, post offices and village

Merchant navyuchivaet boxes of fruit on a donkey

Still, on this island have a car. One. This garbage

Donkeys though workaholic, but to pose for the camera would not mind ...

The owner said that his name Migelos ...

Migelosu wondering what the smell of my camera ...

Posing as a straight female model

But the look is still sad ... All day all his life he is doomed to carry someone or something ...



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