The history of my business (original spelling retained)

So I'll tell you a little about your small business.
As you sit in the internet sites and came across a site about magnets. began to study what are the magnets and all that. Read that there is a magnetic vinyl. Flashed in my head at the idea of ​​making a car rented advertising. Sam sat at the computer and to the side somewhere TV worked. Something about the taxi drivers said. Prior to that, he worked in outdoor advertising. And the thought of whether to make a removable tape. The so-called magnetic "Shaechku." Many foreign cars and taxis operate in such domestic cars and not all want to paste the car orakalom.tak it very badly unstuck. I know myself to work in advertising. Another read that the car body fades with time. And if you think that the places where there were some stickers. was not the light transmittance and thus the places will be visible after otkleyki from any film. (delivery pizza, sushi itd)

In the closet were 10,000 p plus the money were on the pocket. Money lay brother to pay for their studies in a driving school. I told my father please give me the money, I want some things to do one thing, in a word, I have a business idea. He said I'll give you just tell me what you want zanyatsya.Nu I accordingly did not say do not know why you might not want a word quarreling. He said well I'll give you a look what happens.

The next den.A went to order this tape. And all of these magnetic tapes were only prayse.I I did not realize what to take and what better and quality. And the Chinese have been cheaper and domestic. Different thickness. Long thought it was a lot of choices. like in the subconscious mind does not want to take an expensive suddenly fail. In short finger in the price list. Let's say here that will order. It cost about 6,500. ordered. A roll. She said that both will bring you come to something like this is not dragged. Well come. Then he went to the advertising firm where he worked before to the army itself shop. Approached the printmaker and say Yura let me help me please checkered print for a taxi. I will not hurt you. He's so I'd love you printed but we are not so simple I just hit print something that comes with the office. Before that I did not know. They have some sort of a software system. It is not possible to print anything "leftist" all through the office. He says go to the office just like that.
I went there said what you need to print, what ideas were, what I myself thought up despite the fact that it was on the internet. For the design of the order took about 300r that there thought to myself "dizaynirovat" is black with yellow squares. Prior to that, thought that every customer because of the different forms of car size can cut yourself a magnetic strip. Decided to make vehicles on the left or on the right side of 4 meters and the tape at the back of 2 meters. And then he wants to be able to imagine how to cut. All magnet brought me in a week, two days before I took the magnet printed squares.
I'm calling Dad help you need to drive it home to bring. He did not know what I ordered. When we were all together in the loaded car he saw and wondered what it was in the box heavy is not it possible 10,000 turned in 100,000? I say this magnetic vinyl. He was surprised looks at me and says what for you so much? I say that it is sold only as a whole. Are you going for the rest of Russia fridge magnets do what? Then I told him all along the way told. He says you love here is a garbage deal with it would be better to do something useful. One word was all clear.

That's all I brought home. Did everything right. It was somewhere in January after the new year. And the beginning of each day on which these fun I gut-wrenching. Dad every day saying that all this garbage, buried ten thousand, whatever your small business is it? After all this, I'm just listening to nothing and had to go to another room. It's not going magnet lying.

It has been half a month. Then place your ad on Avito. And I received a call from one another cheloveka.Voprosy were not different flies right? They said that they took flies. I said let's see. A guy brought no big piece is almost as I do but I am determined that this magnet is very thin, my much thicker. A guy also noticed. He's so good I'll take it. I sold him. This is still a couple of pieces sold. The subconscious thoughts were certainly put off from work to lay down in the closet. To tell my father I sell here dad to not so ashamed that I have not so bad. But what really sold these magnets I had offered in the closet.

Then worked like word of mouth. Most likely people satisfied with the strength of the magnet attachment, then that person could be cut to the geometry of the car as it needs. Called the man said that he was the director of a taxi and would like to order ten sets to begin with, on their cars. Since in his taxi pool cars and he does not want to self-adhesive glue them. If that say be ready for big order min 30 sets. All things have gone, already called from other cities. Sending mail no complaints. Recently here through a friend in Kazan handed. Claims not yet been. I work on the conscience.



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