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Tu-114 is the largest and the world's fastest turboprop passenger plane.
Even Nikita Khrushchev first crossed the Atlantic to come on a visit to the United States on this plane.

Tu-114 was designed in 1955 on the basis of Tu-95. For 4 years of series production at the Samara plant β„–18 was built 31 car. They say the unpopularity of the Tu-114 is connected with the name of Khrushchev, who is not just a plane that in New York, for he did not have a suitable height of the ladder, and the whole of the Soviet delegation on the ground had to climb the career ladder.

That cabin with brand helm, decorated with a monogram Tu. Pay attention to the seat of the navigator in the nose cone, just like the Tu-134. Species there is certainly excellent, but to fly to Havana where I would not dare. Incidentally, the ground commander had to steer by following the prompts navigator - view from the cockpit is not the best.

The interiors of the Tu-114 were performed in the style of cabins ocean liners, even in tourist class comfort level hit.

Triple block of seats in the tourist class cabin called the room of mother and child. There was a folding cot fixed on the partition.

The second salon - saloon and restaurant with fixed tables. Passengers are served cheese, smoked sausage, boiled eggs, salmon, black or red caviar. In grief - turkey, chicken, meat or roast beef with rice. For children was provided for a special meal: Mozhayskoye bottled milk and cookies. The staffing of the crew of the first half of the 60s was the cook.

Kasaletok did not exist - the food was served on trays flight attendants on the first (official) deck, bringing it to the second (passenger) with the help of a lift. Carts and was not - a few dozen trays had to deliver and collect manually.

A distinctive feature of the Tu-114 - a unique class coupe three berths: here passengers were given a blanket and pillow for sleeping. It is interesting that all tickets cost the same, someone lucky - got into a coupe or saloon-restaurant. During the boom air coupe and tables cleaned, interior layout in the only tourist class seats up to 224 passengers.

Rate ikonografiku. Even banal flight attendant call button, Soviet designers turned into a piece of art.

Toilets Tu-114 hit spaciousness. Incidentally, the feature of the Tu-114 are separate male and female toilets. In the foreground on the right - mirror with light - so that you can correct makeup.

Turmoil began and apparatus for water supply with disposable cups.

See the Tu-114, you can live in Monino, Ulyanovsk and at the airport Aviation College in Krivoy Rog. Monument Tu-114, standing on a pedestal at the entrance to Domodedovo, was destroyed in 2006, that the Tu-114 flying from Domodedovo resembles a logo East Line on the ladder which gave domodedovtsy Museum in Monino.



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