7 types of personalities that should be avoided

1. Manipulators. These people are experts in manipulation. Manipulators well determine the weaknesses of man and know for what is necessary to pull a lever to force the other to do what is beneficial to them.

The more dangerous: Socializing with these people negatively affects your belief system and self-esteem. They find ways to make you do something you do not want, and it destroys you as a person. You start to live the priorities and beliefs of the people, not their.

2. Daffodils. These are people with a keen sense of self-importance, who tend to think that the world revolves around them. They are not as tricky as manipulators, but also trying to adjust the people around them for themselves. Usually, these people want to say, "You are not the center of the universe!".

The more dangerous: They think about themselves and focus solely on your needs. Your interests are completely indifferent to them. She used you, being in full confidence that it is okay because everything required to sacrifice himself for them.

3. The pessimists. These people do not appreciate the good things in their lives. If you tell them, "Today a great sunny day!", They said that tomorrow promises rain and chill. If you share the joy of what your favorite football team to the finals, you will immediately hear in response: "But in the finals, they just lose."

The more dangerous: These people steal from others joy. They look at the world with the negative, which infects all around. Communicating with such people, you are starting to see everything in gray.

4. Critics. When you see something cute and quirky, they see this strange and unattractive. If you think someone talented and promising, they find it stupid and incompetent. They constantly need to someone to argue, they believe that their opinion - the only right and those who disagree with him, according to fools.

The more dangerous: They are trying to change the world for themselves and begin to others. These people do not understand that the world of interesting and that everyone is different and everyone has an opinion. They feed on negative emotions that get in endless disputes.

5. Assassin's dreams. Every time you show up ideas, these people tell you that their implementation is not possible. When you are trying to achieve something, they pull you down. When you have something dream, they first tell you that your dreams are not feasible.

The more dangerous: They are fixated on the fact that there is now completely denying the fact that it could be. They can easily destroy your self esteem and confidence. Progress and self-development are possible only when a person is ready for something new.

6. Hypocrites. These are the people from whom constantly blows insincerity. When you tell a funny story, in response you hear from them a polite laugh, though you can see that in fact it is not funny. In my eyes they say they love you, but for the eyes tell a common friend, what you stupid and bad people.

The more dangerous: Relations with the likes of insincere and superficial. When you feel the need for their support, they will not close. Their warm relevant to you - only an appearance.

7. ignorant. These are people who have the habit of doing everything at the wrong time and thus inappropriately. They do not stop anything. Often for such people to be ashamed.

The more dangerous: These people know no frames and borders. They do not respect other people's feelings and can easily offend you at any time.

If you have the opportunity to avoid contact with them, use it. Life is too short to waste on them your time and energy.


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