Potatoes and tea for the skin around the eyes.

Such is the rather strange eye mask. You could even say that it is not just an eye mask and a means of two-in-one: and a mask, and compress. It is especially good for the so-called computer eye.

The mask for the eyes
1 tbsp. grated raw potatoes,
2 tsp. Heavy cream,
2 bags of black tea.

Preparation and use of masks for the skin around the eyes
Tea bags, rinse with boiling water and place in the freezer to quickly cool (but not freezing).
Mix the potato with cream.
Apply the resulting mass to the lower eyelids, and eyes closed, place cold tea bags.
Soak as 15-20 minutes, then wash with cool water and apply to the skin around the eye cream.
This procedure is especially recommended as an ambulance with eyelid edema, tired eyes and eye inflammation.


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