Business history Nicholas Tregubova

Young businesswoman organized in the city transport company "Pelican" with a turnover of 2 million. Rubles per month.

See details below. The narration is in first person.

With 17 years I started to work wherever he could: in the Internet cafe, and the election campaigning for everybody (it was the most money and dangerous work), resold cell phones, then they just appeared in our town and it was a golden lived at the time, plus everything I coached children in the section for cycling terribly funny salary. After a year to save up for the first car in 2108 (he blessed memory), unable even to drive a car. I decided to look in the newspaper, how many are drivers with a personal car, and came across one ad on "courier with l / a". Called, they told me: come, and immediately took. So I began to work on the 3 official papers and officially selling phones and electronics. I was taken to the courier company "Pelican" on delivery of products to the house with a large chain grocery stores, I was absolutely still, most importantly the money paid. After two years of work in minus shipping business owner decided to get rid of it, as a huge staff and lack of development did not give the slightest result.

But I knew that if you work for yourself, business can bear fruit, at the time it seemed very large. I consulted with my best friend, my parents, they said, find out the price and think. After I found out that the whole thing will give me just 20 thousand rubles, we share without doubt found the money, SP issued at me and bought a delivery business.

From that moment went a new stage of my life, with two works had to resign and leave the business to deliver only one extra that does not take much time, but bring income to extinguish the running costs. Operator put my mom in an organized office at home, carry other steel themselves. I am in the morning, he was in the evening. Work has begun to boil, the initial investment we recaptured in the first month, and even earned some. As time went by, any attempt to develop it into something more we did not take, because like all arranged earnings. But I saw the enormous potential of this business, including through the Internet. But the money for development was not. If I could find them, my partner did not want to. The moment came when I realized that we are marking time and it is necessary to disperse.

I suggested two options, either I take the company by buying half of it, or vice versa. Value of the business at the time we were both estimated at 600 thousand rubles. Agreed on the fact that the business remains in me, and I pay him 300 thousand rubles. Two months later, I gave all the money became the sole owner of the business and lost his best friend, his life, what really sorry.

In my "Pelican" employs 15 people, we have our own online shop, in where you can buy not only products from the supermarket, but also ready-made meals, medicines, gifts, flowers, pizza, etc. We provide many companies the city transport and courier services. We do everything on their own funds, without resorting to borrowing. Maybe it's bad, but still growing, and I really like to do this, I often find myself breed orders to penetrate and get to know how the whole process takes place inside.

I do not consider myself to be a good entrepreneur or businessman, I'd rather workaholic, who often seek them all hard, but now I realize that you can hardly make a limited amount of money needed for the further development of the PA.


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