Microwave oven or microwave oven, has become commonplace and statistics the most common household appliances. However, despite this, around the microwave still hovers many myths and interesting facts.

1. Myth: The explosion of iron plates

Stubbornly cling to the claim that the iron plate can provoke an explosion of great power (in fact, in the worst case, it will cause damage to the magnetron due to arcing).

Microwave radiation can not penetrate the metal objects, so it is impossible to prepare food in a metal bowl. Metal utensils and metal instruments (spoons, forks) located in the furnace during heating can bring it down.

2. Myth: the German, the military origin of the microwave

First microwave oven, called «Radiomissor», was allegedly developed by German scientists during World War II.

She even allegedly used in the current German army, for heating food, but turned out to be unsafe, and to give it up (Russian sites with the link to foreign and foreign - to Russian studies, allegedly spent in non-existent Russian cities Kinski and Rajasthan). < br />
3. Myth: microwave leads to the loss of nutrients

In fact, any cooking process causes a loss of nutrients and vitamins.

Microwave oven just heats the food, with the result that there is a loss (decay evaporation, etc.) of the substance.

4. Myth: allergies

The Myth of allergy is: Microwave can cause allergies ... on electromagnetic waves.

5. Myth: microwave radioactive

Microwaves are not radioactive. They, as well as the sun and the fire just heated food. Furnaces emit microwaves which cause friction of the water molecules (dipole shear), resulting in heating.

6. Myth: The product is heated in a microwave oven comes from within

There is a widespread belief that the microwave oven heats food from the "inside out».

In fact, microwaves go outside to the inside, trapped in the outer layers of the food, because heating evenly moist product occurs in approximately the same way as in ovens (to see this, it is enough to warm boiled potatoes "in uniform", where the thin rind protects the product enough from drying out).

Misperception because the microwaves do not affect the dry non-conductive materials, which are usually at the product surface, and therefore, in some cases, heating starts deeper than in other modes of heating (bakery products, for example, is heated by the "inside", and It is for this reason - the bread and rolls outside have dried up crust, and most of the moisture is concentrated inside).

7. Fact: in the microwave to heat the eggs can not be

Can not be heated in a microwave oven in sealed liquid containers and bird eggs whole - due to the strong evaporation of the water inside them creates a high pressure and, therefore, they may explode.

For the same reason undesirable heat up sausage products, covered with plastic wrap.

8. Fact: The water in the microwave can overheat

Heating the water in the microwave, you should be careful - the water is able to overheat, that is, to heat above the boiling point.

Superheated liquid is able to almost instantly boil by careless movement. This applies not only distilled water but also to any water that contains few suspended particles.

The more smooth and uniform is the inner surface of the vessel with water, the higher the risk. If the narrow neck of the vessel, then it is likely that at the beginning of the boil superheated water will come out and will burn your hands.

9. Fact: The invention microwave was an accident

American engineer Percy Spencer noticed for the first time the ability of microwave radiation to heat products and patented microwave.

At the time of the invention, Spencer worked for Raytheon, engaged in manufacturing equipment for the radar. According to legend, when he experimented with another magnetron, Spencer noticed that a piece of chocolate in his pocket melted.

Fantastic fiction is that he would have received at this fatal defeat from the microwave, although the foil wrapper could heat up considerably stronger and the body, and chocolates, and significantly change the temperature before the damage occurred to the body.

According to another version, he noticed that the sandwich is hot, put on the included magnetron. Perhaps the reason for the invention was just burn, but because of commercial reasons to spoil the image of the device was impractical.

10. Fact: In the USSR issued microwave

In the Soviet Union since the mid 80s microwaves produced by the plant ZIL (model "ZIL") and Pivdenmash (models "Mriya MB", "Dnepryanka-1" (1990, 32 liters, power 2300 watts, weight 40 kg, price 350 rub.), "Dnepryanka-2"), but used them magnetrons imported Japanese production.


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