9 things that are in any case not be put in the microwave. Remember yourself and tell others!

One can argue whether it is worth use the microwave The results of studies on the subject are different, and therefore - and the views of the people. < «Website» in any case does not start a discussion on the benefits and dangers of microwave ovens, but will tell you what exactly must not be heated in this appliance.

The following products and things should not be be heat treated in the microwave. By following basic safety rules, you shalt itself from breakage kitchen helper and taking care of your health!

What is dangerous and harmful to warm up in the microwave
Baby Food
First of all we will focus on bottle-fed milk! Under the influence of microwaves, it becomes toxic. If you need a little warm up baby milk and do not kill the occupants immunoglobulins, it is better to use the traditional way - to heat under hot running water or in a water bath

Aluminum foil in the microwave? Of course, if you want to see the thunder and lightning in a single microwave, and then solemnly bear it in the trash! Look what can actually happen.

Compared to other fruits and vegetables of broccoli in a microwave loses its greatest number of useful substances. More precisely, almost all!

Raw eggs
Also part of the dispute: whether it is possible to cook in the microwave eggs in the shell. It is possible, if the pre-done a few manipulations. In most cases, a raw egg will explode and you will have a long time to wash the appliance. Not easier to use the traditional way?

Another product that loses its sverhpoleznye quality after heating in a microwave oven. Anticancer properties is gone!

Experiment's sake, but what a funny thing happens if you put the disk in the microwave. Just do not repeat!

Frozen Food
Defrosting fruit and berries in the microwave can lead to the transformation of useful glucoside and galactoside to carcinogens. And if you need to defrost meat , better laid out beforehand or placed under a stream of cold running water. The fact is that in the heated in the microwave the meat destroyed about half of it contained in vitamin B12.

Protein Products
Limit your use of the microwave oven to cook protein products. In a conventional oven the protein structure is not so quickly collapses ...

Some of the dishes
Be extremely careful with the dishes of the following types: ceramic, metal, aluminum, crystal, porcelain, of ordinary glass. In addition, plastic food containers or food film is added to a certain dose of carcinogen. Best Microwave cookware - made of tempered or heat-resistant refractory glass.

Did you hear horror stories about what some people think out to dry even your pets in the microwave? That gives ... As you can see, knowing the main Use the subtleties of the microwave , you will get less damage from the "invention of the century»!

Perhaps your friends that a microwave oven is used every day, it is helpful to know these facts.


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