Star of the Moscow State University

I must say, to climb to the top of the star, it is almost impossible. Maybe it's for the best, because all the steeple dotted with antennas, radar and magnetrons with nehily radiation power. Also among the equipment present microwave translators, from which you can get injured in a darkening of the lens of the eye and skin burns, as irreversible changes in the body may occur already when the internal tissue temperature above 43 ° C is likely for those in the helmet, the FSB carried around the clock watch a spire (33th floor), and this is in addition feldegerskoy service and FSO; In addition staircase in the steeple view cameras.
At the time of the visit carried out work on the spire of the replacement of lighting equipment, the majority of radiators were turned off, so only the author could no consequences up to the top.
So the report itself.

We arrived on the 28th floor and type code on the intercom. The code changes frequently and regularly.

Then the lift - to 33 floors.

The grid at the exit of the elevator opens FSB. You can also transfer hi camcorder. On the site - a window, but the view from it is very limited:

Go up the spiral lesnitse. Not for long - the final on the 34th floor. 34th - technical floor.

Climb the stairs to the 35th:

That's 35 floors! When the system is working normally, these doors hangs a note "Danger! Microwave radiation! ».


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