That hide the basements of Moscow State University?

That hide the cellars where the MSU or buried our Nobel Prize
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To witness the subsoil and the depths of the country's best university, I wandered into the underground of the main building of Moscow State University on Sparrow Hills. Some believe that there can penetrate the secret "Underground 2" and others that it is a great place to open a farm for the production of laboratory rats.

Of course, for the simple curious students access to the cave is closed. But if you know where to go, how to break down the door, in which the camera does not need to smile and where to hide from the guards with a hungry dog, you can safely go on a journey

Once among the long corridors and the huge number of rooms, you can leave a memory of himself on the wall

Best get on the board of honor

From the sounds can be fixed only own heavy breathing, the roar of fans and the noise current and dripping water

In this room lived a collection of minerals. Here you can search for gold Kolchak

And here already all taken out. If working time does not include the pumps, there will a good pool with a ladder

Flooded areas chaotic and depends only on the underground springs and the nearby poor indoor faucets and leaky pipes

Haters harsh truth of life boring and believe that right under the main building of Moscow State University skyscraper subway tunnel passes 2, leading to a secret underground city Ramenky

Among the other legends - cryogenic plants that are constantly frozen ground under a high-rise. If they are included, the building gradually come down from the lookout to Moscow River, and to raise the tide will wash away the monument to Peter Tsereteli

And this is the secret Enigma cipher machine. City German submariners

Can you believe that this tape telegraph STA-M67B with bandwidth automatically 2400 words / hour? Feel free to continue in the same direction. But think about what your soul hardens and loses its ability to perceive the wonders

For lovers of the truth of life is the information that previously was located in the basement of the headquarters of Defense and radiological laboratory. In 1970 they left the inhabited places, leaving behind a mountain of gas masks, dosimeters and other hozinventarya

Also, the room used for storage samami various university laboratories. Remains of former wealth can catch and now

In the difficult 1990s, the situation has worsened with the operation of pumps and groundwater flow improved. As a result, a circle was got damp and unsanitary conditions. Valuable rusted bolts and nuts, and toxic chemical agents dissolved in puddles

But the biggest blow to the intimate world underground steel orders rector of Moscow State University, to restore order and clean areas. If things go well, you can even destroy the entire valuable spirit nurtured for decades

Most of the equipment for the operation of the building incapacitated

Laboratories where nuclear engineers and laser scientists have advanced the world of science is only now attracting cockroaches

and hunters Tsvetmet

If someone accuses you mess in the apartment - safely refer to this photo

There is a good chance that if you drive away in this room 10 Tajiks and make them year by random educated bet something to collect, then in 2011, Russia will be able to take the Nobel for physics and chemistry once



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